Elf! The Musical


It is almost Christmas and something about this year is making it hard to get into the spirit. I don’t know if it is the lack of snow, the 40 degree weather in MN or even the fact that I haven’t had a good glass of Hot Chocolate yet. But after viewing Elf the Musical at the Ordway, Christmas is all I have on my mind! Although we got lost and had to watch the opening song on a very small TV screen it instantly put me and my family into the Christmas mood!

 This show had great features such as the set. It was like looking into a giant snow globe with the New York City skyline on the inside. Everything was very rounded and very clean considering there was so many different set changes, but after each change it still had that perfect round snow globe look. The pit orchestra was crazy good! They sounded so great that at points it sounded like they had a CD that was playing the music. Now I know they are professionals and stuff but it is still just amazing to image there are people out there that are that good at their profession. This is how I felt about the cast as well. After listening to the actual Broadway soundtrack, I personally liked the casting for the show I saw a lot better. The Minnesota cast sounded a lot better and the guy who played Buddy had everything that Will Ferrell had in the movie where as the guy on Broadway was almost annoying. Buddy is supposed to be a cheerful happy guy who you want as your best friend, not some stupid, crazy, obnoxious Elf that just showed up. Jordan Gelber (from the Broadway show) had just a very stupid voice that didn’t work very well for the songs where as Sam Hartley had a voice that was very strong and professional which I personally think enhanced the playfulness of Buddy. He was super great and I wanted to hang out with him and he gave the vibe of the Buddy we all know and love from the movie. As for the rest of the Minnesota cast, I still think it was better than Broadway, there’s not much more to it.

The music was super creative and really fit the play when you were watching it, but just listening to the soundtrack is not something I could do very often other than the song ‘The Story of Buddy the Elf”.

 I really liked how it somehow altered the main points from the movie, but you instantly still understood the references and could picture the scene from the film. The script was also very good at taking an iconic scene and adding to it to make it even funnier!

Overall, I loved it and would pay to see it again in a heartbeat! Getting to go to the Ordway and see something that you have been watching on your TV since you were a little kid with singing and dancing just made me super happy! I am always happy but something about this musical just really warmed my heart and brought the biggest smile to my face. I had a great time with my gorgeously wonderful family and I think all of us are ready to celebrate this magical Christmas time. Go spend time with your family and enjoy your holiday seasons cuz it is so short! Everyone have an amazing holiday season and thanks for reading!


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