South Park Post-COVID Special review

South Park Post-COVID Special Release Date: November 25, 2021 Directed by: Trey Parker and Matt Stone There is no time for shitty introductions and the normal bullcrap I write at the beginning of posts, we need to talk about this 'exclusive event' right now! I will start off by saying that this review is going … Continue reading South Park Post-COVID Special review

Horror movie Timeline

I am taking a super boring class this semester and we had to create a timeline that walked thought a certain medium and the technology that basically got the media to where it is today. I chose to be my project on the history of horror films. The history of horror is quite fascinating so … Continue reading Horror movie Timeline

Throwback Thursday: Patti Smith; An Author Study

Happy Thursday everyone. I was going through my old Google Drive looking for some pieces of my writings and I came across this. My junior year of high school we had to write an author study. What that basically is is analyzing pieces of authors writings and texts to see what their style is and … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Patti Smith; An Author Study

Jack Stauber’s Opal: An Adult Swim Small

Opal By. Jack Stauber Release date: Oct 30 2020 Jack Stauber has a huge imagination and has created some awesome, weird, and creepy stuff in the past. He did an Adult Swim segment called SHOP: A Pop Opera which was so big of a success, Adult Swim invited him to create something else. The actual … Continue reading Jack Stauber’s Opal: An Adult Swim Small