Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers: Bought to Rot Album Review

 Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers 

Album: Bought to Rot

Release Date: Nov 9th 2018

Label: Bloodshot Records








Well searching on Spotify, I clicked on the discovery tab (which I have literally never done in my life before) and came across this frickin gem! The first album put out by the band Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers. If you are not familiar with Laura Jane Grace (lead singer) and Atom Willard (drummer), they are part of the great American punk band Against Me! Against Me! is one of my top 5 favorite bands of all times! I love the sound of Laura’s voice and the way all the sound from the band really works together. It is an original sound that you really can’t get from any other band. Now this album does not mean that Against Me! is ending. According to Laura in a Rolling Stone interview she says that, ” It doesn’t mean I’m quitting Against Me!… I just needed to do this thing.” So I got the opportunity to listen to this bad boy today and was highly pleased.

The art on this album is nothing real special to me. The idea of the text strand is clever, but nothing to impressive. It really reminded me of this abandoned building in my city that started as a Rainbow grocery store, then a gym and now I think it is a church. So nothing super special about the art which is a little disappointing knowing the art that Against Me! has put out in the past.

Against Me! is known for incorporating spoken word into their songs and that is exactly how this album started (so we know Grace isn’t straying to far away from her roots). ‘China Beach’, starts this album off and doesn’t really give a good introduction to the album.  It has your basic Against Me! sounds and basic punk/rock feel. I don’t know if this was the strongest way to start the album because it is something all Against Me! fans have heard before. If I was to have a song start this album I think I would have used ‘The Airplane Song’. It has a better overall sound of the album where China Beach kinda sticks out like a sore thumb compared to everything else on the album. It would have worked better more towards the end of the album.  Other than that, I think the order of the songs was just fine. ‘Apology Song’ is a perfect way to end this album. It has a good message, a really unique sound  and it made me laugh. This album is so different from lots of other albums out now a days because it adds small bits of humor to the bands music without it being considered a comedy band like ‘Ninja Sex Party’ or ‘Garfunkle and Oats’.  The amount of humor in this really made me think of The Queers album, ‘Love Songs for the Retarded.’ It is meant to be a somewhat serious album, but then you have the track ‘I Can’t Stop Farting’ and hilarious jokes about Hippies in the track ‘Granola Head.’ But never in 10000 years would I categorize that as a comedy album, nor would I categorizes ‘Bought to Rot’ a comedy album.

There were many great songs that came from this album, but my personal favorite was ‘I Hate Chicago.’ Now I have never been to Chicago, but while listening to this song I felt like I have been living there my whole life. I could see the garbage on the street and I could taste the Chicago style pizza. As we find out, this is a divorce song. It can really mean a lot of things to different audiences and that is a quality a good song has. It means one thing to the author, but something different to everyone of their fans.

Overall, I would give this album a 7/10. It made my day and just really made me happy. The art was not the best and there were some songs that just were simply not that good, but the amount of songs that really rocked made up for these faults in the album. I am really hoping to hear more from ‘Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers’ and more things from the record label in general.

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