A Christmas Story





Now this isn’t an official review of this movie, but this movie needs to be talked about. A Christmas Story is the best Christmas movie ever and there is no questions about it. I have been on this earth for 17 years, Christmas story plays 24 hours every Christmas on TBS which means that it plays about 12 times, we get to watch it about 7 times the whole way thru every year (with some exceptions of watching it in June or the rare occasion that we watched it before the 24 hour marathon) which means that I have seen the movie A Christmas Story 119+ times. That is freaking amazing in my eyes! 119+ times! Crazy! This movie just really holds a special place in my heart because it is something that makes me think of all the amazing Christmas memories I have gotten to have. The year I got my American Girl doll, Christmas Story was playing in the back. My little 7 year old sisters first Christmas, A Christmas Story was playing in the back. And the year I got my first bass guitar, Ralphie was getting his eye shot out for the 9th time that year. It is just a movie that holds so many amazing memories. It is also just executed so well cuz there are not many movies that you can watch back to back to back again for 24 hours without it getting boarding. Again, 119+ times and I have never gotten board with this film. This morning my mom asked my how old I was when I got my Red Ryder BB gun and I told her I honestly couldn’t remember cuz I feel like I get one every year due to the magic of A Christmas Story. Ya, that is all I really have to say about this. It is something that I will continue to watch every year and a tradition that I will pass down to my kids. It’s a movie filled with complete magic and complete truth about life, family and Christmas.

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