South Park Post-COVID Special review

South Park Post-COVID Special

South Park: Post COVID (2021) - IMDb

Release Date: November 25, 2021

Directed by: Trey Parker and Matt Stone

There is no time for shitty introductions and the normal bullcrap I write at the beginning of posts, we need to talk about this ‘exclusive event’ right now!

I will start off by saying that this review is going to have spoilers in it — there is no physical way to break down this exclusive event without giving things away.

First and foremost, the boys are adults in this special and I am living for it! Lots of people were super pissed that they aged them but I think it is actually a really cool concept.

It was almost exciting to not just see the four main boys grown-up but to see what all the other characters looked like in their older age. For me, it was like reading a book vs. watching a movie.

You have these visions of what the characters are gonna look like after you read the book but you get to actually see them when watching the movie. Fans have been dreaming of the adult characters for so long and finally getting to see it was amazing!

South Park Post Covid: el futuro, la muerte definitiva de Kenny y todo lo  que pasó en el especial | Series de Paramount Plus | Comedy Central | FAMA  | MAG.

Another character that I want to mention, cuz I thought he was the funniest, was adult Jimmy. Right off the bat, they drew his exactly how I was picturing him to look and it was awesome! They also gave him his own nighttime talk show obviously poking fun at The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon which made me chuckle.

The best part about Jimmy in this special was that since it takes place in the future, none of Jimmy’s jokes were allowed to be funny — all the punchlines were basically just facts. An example of one of them was: “I took Asain Airlines to get here today and you know what they say about Asain Airlines…they are a very good reliable way of transportation.”

I thought this was so funny and super smart because Matt and Trey are not afraid to tell it how they see it. As two men in comedy, they see this new idea of PC comedy as a big joke itself. The point of comedy is to make fun of people and they are not afraid to keep that up.

I was just really impressed with Jimmy’s character and all the things they did to make him as funny as possible without basically allowing him to be funny.

Late Night with Jimmy (South Park Post COVID) - YouTube

The plot of this special was just genius (as all the specials have been). It starts off in the future where COVID has finally been cured and everyone is grown up. Stan is an online Whiskey consultant, Kenny is a scientist and Cartman is a Rabi…yep that’s right.

After finding out about Kenny’s death (surprise surprise), all the boys and other characters are brought back to South Park for his funeral where they end up figuring out that Kenny knew something about COVID that nobody wanted him to release.

Due to an outbreak of the new COVID variant and one person not being vaccinated, everyone is stuck quarantined in South Park where they decide to band together and find out which bastards really killed Kenny.

This main idea leads to some super fun subplots like Cartman and his extremely Jewish family staying with Kyle for the night and Stan having to confront his father, iconic character Randy, in the nursing home.

We all knew Randy was going to make an appearance at some point or another but having him in a nursing home was another genius move on Matt and Trey’s part. It allowed them to fit as many iconic adults from the show as possible in one room and age them up. It was like playing Where’s Waldo but with South Park characters.

South Park: Post COVID' Skewers Anti-Vaxxers and 'Woke' Comedy

A subplot of that subplot I guess was that Stan ended up killing his sister, Shelly, in a fire which resulted in his mom killing herself. This was definitely… a choice? I really want to know why they felt the need to do this but I don’t question the professionals.

Another ballsy choice, that eventually paid off I think, was the idea to not really include Butters in this special.

Butters has never been my favorite character and that is why I didn’t really notice that he wasn’t there until they introduced him in the last like 2 minutes as Mr. Victor Chaos — a play on his iconic supervillain, Professor Chaos.

Although he is mentioned, he is in an insane asylum for helping out Kenny with his science experiments and we never get to see what he looks like all grown up.

South Park: Post Covid - Who Victor Chaos Really Is | Screen Rant

The reason that this was another risk was that, for some reason, everyone busts over Butters so you know there was once again ANOTHER unhappy group of fans who just wanted to see him.

From my view, I really like that they took this fan-favorite character and used him as the cliffhanger for the next special event cuz they know how excited people were to see him in this first special.

It is the same thing they did in season two for the episode where they were gonna reveal Cartman’s father but gave us a Terrence and Philip special instead — they did it to piss us all off and give us a good laugh!

Stepping away from the plot, there were so many small details and references throughout the event that would make any South Park fan flip their shit!

I won’t talk about all of them, but a few of the best little easter eggs throughout where the Clyde Frog on Cartman’s kid’s pacifier, the mice crawling over Kenny’s dead body (one of my personal favorite running jokes from the first few seasons) and a bunch of references to the first South Park episode, Jesus Vs. Santa.

South Park is Cancelled?

I think that overall, they did a really great job at creating something fresh and new but something that was also for the longtime fans who understood the small references that were sprinkled throughout.

All and all, this special was everything I could have asked for! I think everything about it was just pure gold from the plot to the Easter eggs to the social issues that were talked about and made fun of.

It was definitely left on a cliffhanger so there is destined to be another part in this Post COVID storyline. When it will be on Paramount Plus…who knows, but just go and enjoy this first part as many times as you can — it is worth every damn second!

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