Cherry Parke Single

Band: Cherry Parke

Single: Mr. Bullseye and All Around the Moon

Release Date: February 2020

I have some big news guys, someone actually asked me to write this review!! It is time to quit my day job and thrive off this trash blog!! Okay that might be to an extreme cuz I need my job at that Mexican Restaurant, but this is pretty exciting!
The other day I received an email that I thought was just another collage trying to get my money when I realized it was from a real person; this person was Mr. Will Wiggins. Cherry Parke is a project that Wiggins has started and had just got the chance to release these two singles with the help of Kevin Basko. Basko has his own band, Rubber Band Gun and has worked with bands like Foxygen and…..wait for it….THE FREAKING LEMON TWIGS!!!!! How amazing is that?! If you are a regular on this blog, you know how much praise The Lemon Twigs get here and what a fan I am!
Wiggins asked me if I could review these singles and I think the only logical answer was yes! Now I don’t know how he found my blog but I do know this is like a dream come true to know that someone famous out there is listening to what a nerdy Minnesotan has to say! So with that, thank you once again Wiggins for giving me this opportunity and lets review these singles!
Cherry Parke’s sound is inspired by ‘1960’s baroque pop, turn-of-the-20th century ephemera and harpsichord tunes’. Those are a lot of things mashed together , but I think that they hit all those things on the head when it comes to these two singles.

*Note: since there is only two songs, we will just go track by track*

Mr. Bullseye

This is the first song released by Cherry Parke and I think it sounds like everything they wanted it to be. It really has that 60s kinda swing sound to it and some really great things going on instrumentally; I do feel though that the lyrics are just not matching up.
The very first lyrics go down into this low sounding thing and gonna be real it is a little crunchy with everything else going on and it just a hard way to start the song. This goes on throughout the song and eventually grows on you but still feels out of place in certain spots.
What doesn’t feel out of place is this same note BUT it is used at the end of the song where there is your classic Dat Dat Dat’s and Doot Doot Doots. In this area of the song, going down to that funky note is really fun and was something I was looking forward to throughout the rest of the song! It fits really nicely at the end of the song but just didn’t fit in every time the words ‘Mr. Bullseye’ were said.

All Around the Moon

Just personal preference, I liked this song a lot better than Mr. Bullseye! This song was so happy and upbeat and I just wanted to keep listening. It gave me this warm feeling and kinda reminded me of WEEZER’s White album. The White Album has this overall beach theme and is just very easy listening. In short, this song just made me happy and I loved it overall!
I love the profound, what I have to assume, harpsichord at the beginning! Really set the mood for the overall song.
I also really loved the drums in this song BUT they were playing something different than the rest of the instruments. The first minute things are really blending and sounding good then the last half of the song I felt like everything else was being covered up by the drums. The drums were doing something harder and different than the start while everything else stayed really mellow and cutesy.
This is a small personal thing that maybe didn’t need to happen in this song but is something I would love to hear in the future from Cherry Parke but I was waiting for this crazy ass build and then BOOM!! The song turns into this crazy almost psychedelic rock power ballad and then the last 30 seconds it dies back down and ends on that soft note again. This band has the equipment and power to do something like that and I think that would just kick ass!!
Overall, I think for being first singles these are pretty good. They both have their flaws but they also both have a huge amount of great things going on for them. I really hope to hear more from Cherry Parke in the near future and hope that they will take that jump and add some umff to a few of their songs! Please go check out Cherry Parke on Band Camp, Spotify, Instagram and Facebook!
A few quick thank yous to my mom, dad and sister Celia for supporting my blog and just being the best family in the world, thank you to all the people who are subscribed and who read this blog cuz you know what they say, ‘A blog is all the stuff you have to say that nobody wants to listen to’ and, I promise for the last time, thank you Will Wiggins for reaching out and letting me do this review, that’s pretty damn cool!

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