Father of All Review

Father of All Mother****ersImage result for father of all

By. Green Day

Release Date: Feb 7th 2020


I deadass skipped school to go buy this album, that is how excited I was for this! Let’s just dive right in.

First just real quick; THE ART!! Since I was little I have been absolutely in love with Unicorns and when I found out that a unicorn was not only like the tour theme but was also ON A GREEN DAY ALBUM I freaked!! I also like that the unicorn is representing that the band is changing  but we also have the American Idiot hand that really just shows that deep down, they are the same band they were in 2004. 

I think that this album is special in its own type of way. The sound of the album as a whole sounds nothing you would expect from Green Day but somehow sounds… like it is by Green Day. They took a different approach to this album just like they did with Warning and I liked it. 

Two songs I want to highlight are Meet Me on the Roof and Sugar Youth. They are really awesome bangers and are my two favorites off the album!

I think that Meet Me in the Roof sounds like a song written for Billie’s side band, The Longshot and I loved their album; getting to hear those sounds here too was pretty cool. 

Sugar Youth and Take the Money and Crawl are the closest things we have to angry punk on this album. They are both hard both musically and lyrically which is Green Day’s fortay. These songs set the album apart from being totally soft and like wildly upbeat; without these two the album would not have felt complete. 

I HATE JUNKIE ON A HIGH!!! This song is obviously supposed to fall under the same category as Sugar Youth and Take the Money and Crawl but it almost just drags on into badness opposed to badassness. I don’t like its sound and everytime I try to listen to it and think its gonna get better it doesn’t and somehow gets worse. By far the worst song on the album; skip it every freaking time. 

The three singles that they released (Father of All, Ready Fire Aim, and Oh Yeah) don’t represent this album for shit! If those are the only songs you have heard and were not feeling it,  go and listen to the rest of the album. I like those songs but after hearing the whole album, there are other songs that could have easily been better singles to promote the albums sound as a whole. 

I also don’t like that the first three songs on the album are the three singles released. When I popped the CD in my car player, I was excited to hear the stuff I haven’t heard yet but it was the same three songs I already knew all the words to. I am not a big fan of the first song being the title track either. I just think that they did a really good job structure wise for Revolution Radio so my expectations were a little high. 

All in all, I think that the music itself was enjoyable and I flat out liked the record due to just good music and a mix of some other Green Day side project like sounds. Obviously the album is nowhere as good as things like Dookie, American Idiot or even Revolution Radio but I feel like that was almost a given. The structure could have been thought about just a little better and Junkie on a High was not only just gross but didn’t fit into the feel of the album; overall I would give this a 3.75 out of 5 stars (not quite worthy enough for a 4 but not bad enough for a 3.5). 

Go check out the new Green Day album or keep listening to the old stuff, your choice! Let me know what you thought of the album in the comments or let me know if there is any other albums you want me to review in the future! 

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