My year in music

Now I can not take all the credit for this post. Lots of Youtubers do this every year and if you use the music listening app Spotify, you know that at the end of the year, the app gives you your year in music which is basically all your stats about the music you listened to over the last 365 days. I wanted to talk about some of the songs and albums that have come out of this year that I have really been enjoying. So sit back and enjoy my personal year in music.


I Hate Men; Kiss Me Kate Original Broadway cast (June 7th 2019)Image result for kiss me kate

This song took over my summer!! I got the chance to actually see Kiss Me Kate on Broadway this summer and to be real….it was not the greatest musical out there. BUT this song stuck out like a sore thumb of awesomeness. It really just hits all the key points about being around men and expecting them to be this amazing, kind figure when in reality not all men are like that. The tune is so happy and the actress is so happy to be singing it because it is showcases her independence. Like I said, not all men are like the ones Miss Kelli O’Hara sings about but every woman should be able to belt this song at the top of her lungs once in a while; ya know for her health.

Last Import’s Self Titled album (February 1st 2019)Image result for last import self title

Last Import is a girl group right here from Minnesota that I fell in love with about 3 years ago. They took over a local club I enjoy to go to and have been making it big ever since not only around the Twin Cities but the United States. These three girls released an album that you can tell they worked their asses on but also just had a good time writing it. One a day and Money were the two kinda big songs that ended up coming off this album and they have such a fun sound to them that just makes you want to keep listening.

NINE; Blink 182 ( Sept 20th 2019)

Image result for blink 182 nine wrote a whole review on this album (if you haven’t read it go check it out) and I talked a lot more about its flaws opposed to the good things it had going for it. For example, although it wasn’t the greatest there were a few individual songs that were super great (Pin the Grenade, On some Emo Shit and Dark Side) and not only showcased the OG Blink 182 but gave Matt Skiba a chance to show off his role in the band as the new member. So these three songs really saved the album and just the fact that it sounded like they put some thought into this album instead of just writing a ton of songs and getting them on a CD as soon as they could.

Father of All; Father of all MotherF***ers, Green Day (song released Sept 19th 2019 but album due to be released in Feb 2020)Image result for green day father of all

What a great song to release as a single. Green Day has obviously taken some liberties when it came to writing this song (and the other single which I don’t want to talk about cuz it wasn’t that good) but it still has that nice warm Green Day feel to it ya know? I liked the mix of new and old sound in this song and it really is a bangin’ song so it was perfect to promote the tour and the album coming out in February.

Still on My Mind and Throwin’ Shade; Devastator, Nick Costa (May 24th 2019)Image result for nick costa devastator

These are two of the more mellow songs I have been rocking out to all year but sometimes you have to have mellow songs in your rotation to keep you on your toes. Last Christmas, Nick Costa released a live album that had both these songs on them but this year he released Devastator which had like real studio recordings and I could not have been happier!! You know a song is well written when it sounds good on a live album recorded in a cold bar in Minnesota AND a real studio album. I just love the tunes, the tempos and the lyrics. I think Costa writes in a really poetic tone and writes perfect melodies to match creating overall great music and not just these two songs; these were just the two I listened to the most.

Michael in the Bathroom; Be More Chill Original Broadway Cast (March 10th 2019)Image result for be more chill

Of course another show tune made my list!!! I really got into the musical The Book of Mormon this summer which just opened up lots of nerdy show tune doors for me. The musical Be More Chill is about basically about being a loser in high school and just trying to survive. The whole album is fantastic but Michael in the Bathroom beats all the other songs no doubt and is kinda a well known staple from the show. The whole song is about the main character’s (Jeremy) best friend Michael being stuck in a bathroom alone because Jeremy has become popular and has no time from his nerdy best friend anymore. Being in high school, this song hits different and is real meaningful to me. Also the original singer George Salazar was deadass born for this role. He plays Michael so well and really sells this song and its meaning. 

Cuz I Love You Deluxe; Lizzo (April 19th 2019Image result for lizzo cuz i love you album

Ugh….this is my guilty pleasure and I just have to suck it up and write about it. This album is so freaking good and I have been rocking to it since it has come out. If you are not familiar with Lizzo, she is like a hip-hop R&B, pop artist… yep you read that right. Those are genres I really really really am not a fan of but something about this album is just different. I think the reason that I like this album so much is because Lizzo has a little bit of soul and I think that overrules the annoying sound of rap. When I listen to music, I want to feel something and this album just makes me feel good and happy. Really great and is definitely worth giving a shot. 

Hotel Last Resort; Violent Femmes (July 26th 2019Image result for hotel last resort

You can never really go wrong when it comes to the Violent Femmes can you? I honestly liked this album way more than their last one We Can Do Anything (2016). That album had good qualities and was not bad by any means but I thought Hotel Last Resort was a perfect mix of their new sound and their older/younger sounds. Perfect example, on this album there is a song called Adam was a Man and it has the same energy and sound as Jesus Walking on Water from their Hallowed Ground record from 1984. 

Infest the Rats Nest; King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard (August 16th 2019)Image result for infest the rats nest

I really got into this band like last winter maybe early 2019. They are one of my friends favorite bands and he told me to listen to them and here we are. First off…..the name of the damn band is King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard so you know this is a strong start. So the fun thing about them is that they don’t really stick with one genre. All their albums have a different type of sound. This album is not my favorite because it is a thrash metal album which isn’t always my music of choice. If I had to choose like one genre to broadly describe them it would be like psychedelic rock I guess. They are a pretty great if you are just looking for something a little outside the box.

Fishing for Fishies; King Gizzard and The Lizard WizardImage result for fishing for fishies

Okay yes they came out with TWO albums this year and I think this one is a little better and I know that many fans out there would disagree with me and at this point I don’t care. I think this album is just more fun and I liked the sound overall. There is a perfect balance of vocals and instrumental sounds while some of their stuff is a lot of instrumental. I think the beats in this album to are just kinda whimsical feelings and I can rock out to these songs. I think the type of musical elements are a lot cooler in this album too. In the title track Fishing for Fishies there is like guitar, keyboard and at one point there is a super awesome xylophone part. So between the two…I would recommend this one. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my awesome year in music. I hopefully want to write some full reviews on at least a few of these albums so if there is one that you would really like to read comment below!!

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  1. Nancy Walker’s version of I hate men KILLS.

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