Teens of Denial Review, Car Seat Headrest

Car seat HeadrestImage result for Teens of denial album

Album: Teens of Denial

Release date: May 20th 2016


Okay this band slaps!! My friend got me into this band over the summer and I have been listening to a lot of their stuff and out of all of it, I found out that I think I like this album the best. Car Seat Headrest started off on a site called Bandcamp when the released their first album Twin Fantasy. People really started to like their stuff and they broke off of Bandcamp and are now pretty big and acually recording studio albums. 

Teens of Denial… I don’t even know where to start! The first song on this record, ‘Fill in the Blank’ was just a great way to start this album, show off who this band is, and what their style really is. Car Seat Headrest to me makes music that kinda has an indie sound to it with a twist of like folk punk to it (yes that is a real genre). Some of their early stuff kinda just drags on and has more of a whiny indie sound to it so I think that is why I like this album the most because it doesn’t follow those guidelines. Another great this about this album opposed to the others is that each songs kinda has its own feel to it. In albums like Twin Fantasy and How to Leave Town, all the songs really had the same vibes and musical elements and were hard to tell apart especially on these albums because there are songs that have a running time of like 12 minutes; unless you were looking at the songs switch, you couldn’t really tell if one song was still going or not. Teens of Denial is really a peak for Car Seat Headrest due to its differences and sense of style. 

I really like the art on this album. I just really like the look of it and if I didn’t know this band and saw this at a record store I would probably pick it up and at least check it out. The style reminds me of a picture you would find in your grandparents house that has a really kickass story behind it! Then the font they chose for the title just really brings it all together and when you are making an album that is so important. You want to be able to read everything clearly, you want the cover to tell a story and to create those things everything has to fit together like a puzzle and this album cover really captures those key things. 

There are many cool elements happening in some of their songs. The song, (Joe gets kicked out of school for using) Drugs with Friends is more on the slower side of this album but something that makes it different is that about 3 minutes it there is a part where lyrics start to overlap one another and it is just really cool sounding then as the song dies out the electric guitar has some riffs that make it sound super awesome but still give off this really calm vibe. I don’t know…it is just a sound I really like. Another song on here that just lives kinda on its own planet is Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales. This is one of the singles off the album and is probably the most well known. This song really has everything; good lyrics, good rhythms that create a rise and fall effect and Will Baren ( lead singer and writer) really just has the voice for this piece and it is beautiful. It is very textual with all its elements and even though it is a longer song, it all pulls together and follows the whole idea that all the songs are different on this album and easily identified. 

Overall I love this album and for a summer album this is exactly what I was looking for. Although it talks about ya know… Teens in Denial, it really has a sound that can make anyone feel something and for me I just felt some good, fun and chill vibes; I would give this album a 4/5. It is just something different than what I normally listen to but has some of those small punky/rocky elements to it that I really enjoy at a different pase.  

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