Great news everyone!

What is up my fellow bloggers!! No I did not get my computer unblocked but I am using a machine as old as time….a kindle. Yes I had kindle when I was like 12 and I though it wouldn’t hurt to charge it and try to write for you guys. It is not working GREAT but I think it will do for a while at least. The other question you are probably asking is “Hey have you been watching your movies for your 52 week challenge?” And the answer is no. I lost track of the movies I hadn’t watched and it was just a mess. So what I am planning on doing until the end of the year is to skip around the list and just watch and review some movies for you guys. Thank you for waiting for me while I figured this out and I have like three reviews in the mix right now I hope to have to you guys ASAP!! Thank you guys so much once again for the support and stand by for some of my best writing yet!!!



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