Sucky news

Hey guys! I just wanted to quickly post cuz I’m writing all this on my phone. It might be awile before I post again do to my school being the absolute worst. I went to write on my blog today on my school MacBook and WordPress is blocked because it is ‘categorized as mature’and will not allow me to access anything. In my mind this is a complete hunk of crap. My blog is where I come to express myself and work on my writing for the future not a place full of boobs and graphic images. I know many students who use this sight to express their passions and it’s just not cool. It is hard for me to write strictly on my phone cuz as you know I write in detail and it just is very difficult. Just because school isn’t in the title of a website does not mean that a sight is inappropriate and I think that is something schools need to get their heads wrapped around. I am trying everything I can to find a loop hole and stay as positive as possible so I can get my writing out to you guys! Thank you go being so supportive because obviously the school isn’t. Have a great rest of your night and HOPEFULLY write soon.

Love Izabella

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