It 2 Review

It: Part 2

Release date: Sept 6th 2019

Directed by: Andrés Muschietti

Screenplay: Gary Dauberman


Well it is finally here, literally IT is here and it kicked some hard core ass!! I waited long for this movie and I feel like it really fit the…BILL (get it?). But I’m gonna stop talking cuz I just need to review this movie cuz you guys just need to hear about it!!

IT: Part 2 is obviously the second movie to the IT movie that came out in 2017. This was one of the first scary movies I got the guts to watch and I fell in love with it so waiting for part 2 was he’ll but definitely worth it. The first thing to talk about was the cast. It was very nerve racking to see this cast just because the casting in the first one was so great, but once again they pulled it off and casted the best people. All the adult actors looked some how IDENTICAL to their child actors. This is important because I feel like sometimes actors in movies can kinda smoosh together so having everyone look the same was nice. The actors also ya know ACTED very well too and the actor I was most impressed with was of course comedy genius Bill Hader. He played Ritchie the smartass and I think he played that perfectly! Because the character of Ritchie is our light of comedy in the film it might have been easy to lose the scary in that personality Hader had the best of both worlds. It was nice to laugh but then there were parts where you could feel the fear! It was just an amazing performance not only from Bill Hader but from all the main actors.

Another really great thing was the plot overall. People were really upset due to the lack of Pennywise scenes but I liked that the whole movie wasn’t about him. He got his spotlight in the first movie and this one is about the kids and what they need to do to get things done!! Throughout the movie there were flashbacks from when they were kids and I really liked them. It wasn’t anything crazy to get you confused but it was just enough to create a creative and different perspective of the film.

Talking about flashbacks to when they were kids, the quality of those flashbacks were frankly….trash. Now it might come as a surprise to some of you but since 2017 our beloved child cast hit puberty like a brick wall. Because of this they had to do some computer magic to make them look and sound as young as they did in the first movie and boy did they look bad. It looked just cartoon like and honestly gross. But when it comes to the rest of the special effects I thought those were pretty good. They were cool and scary.

One other thing I have some mixed emotions on is the time. This movie ended up making just a little over 2hrs and 45min. Now that is a long time but it was used well I thought. Most movies over like 2hrs tend to have parts that drag on and are just pointless but I think every moment of those 2hrs and 45mins was full with thing I actually wanted to watch. Although long, I think the time was also a plus because I guess I would prefer to sit through a long GOOD movie then a crappy IT:Part 3 and 4 27 years apart from each other.

Overall I really liked this movie, it had a good plot, a good cast and was just all in all entertaining; I would give this movie an 8.5/10. I really encourage you guys to go see this film especially if you liked the first one. Just a heads up,it’s a little more like a drama adventure movie than it is a horror movie, but look past that and just enjoy the freaking film.

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