Week 29 A movie at the bottom of your watch list

The CobbleImage result for the cobbler

Release Date: May 1st 2015

Directed by: Tom McCarthy 


I never thought in a million years I would watch this movie but my cousin Nicky and my Uncle Bill gave this movie such a good review I thought it would be a good choice for the movie at the way WAY bottom of my watch list. 

This movie is about a guy who just happens to be played by the one and only comedy hero Adam Sandler and he is a cobbler. His family has carried a top secret cobbling machine (I don’t know what they are acually called but they fix the soles of the shoes) for more than 100 years. Sandler finds out that if you use this machine on a pair of shoes you are able to look just like the person whose shoes you have on. He takes this idea and instead of using it for evil like I would have done he uses it to bring some good into his family and into his community.

This movie was definitely kinda sappy, I mean come on, the tag like it literally ‘Saving the neighborhood one sole at a time’. Sappy is not a good genre for Mr. Sandler but I don’t think he did a bad job. Like they could have picked somebody better to play this light hearted fellow but Adam Sandler didn’t completely butcher the role. Although sappy there were some pretty funny parts, but the drama and sadness of the movie kinda overpowered that. 

This movie had, as I call it, a Sixth Sense ending. The end of the movie blew my mind and I think that if it hadn’t ended that way the movie would have been dumb. The whole plot really lead up to this big surprise ending and without the ending the story wouldn’t have had anywhere to go.

Overall this movie wasn’t horrible but I don’t know if I would ever watch it again. I felt a little board throughout the movie but then had my mind blown at the end which was nice, I rate it a 5/10. It was half good and I think that they got lucky with how this movie fell into place. One thing different and this whole movie could have been a wasted hour and a half. It was okay; nothing better nothing worse than okay. 

2 thoughts on “Week 29 A movie at the bottom of your watch list

  1. From the first time I seen the previews of that movies I did not want to watch it
    I am sorry your review does not want to make me watch it
    Even though your review is very detailed


  2. From the first time I seen the previews for that movie I did not want to see it
    Even though your review is very detailed I still do not want to see it


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