Out of Sight Out of Mind: New Year album review

Out of Sight Out of Mind 53615552_2226710784248334_8382437665298972672_n.jpg

Album: New Year

Release Date: April 9th 2019



Once again I am here telling all you guys to go to a local venue and freaking support local music! If you go back you may remember me talking about this awesome band Out of Sight Out of Mind and their performance as a Green Day cover band. Instead of talking about their cover performance, this time I want to review their own album, New Year.

I really like the cover art of this EP. It has a very simple design but it is clean and gorgeous. I really like the idea of all the band members being on the cover to show that they all had something to do with this album other than just being the drummer or the bass player; it was an equal effort to create this music and that is something OSOM does a really great job at representing. 

I really liked all the songs that came off this album. Next Year, Past and Be With You are songs that I listened to over and over again and will continue to listen to over and over again! These are just songs that made me feel happy and have such a fun feel to them. Not only were theses songs jam worthy in my car but they are EXTRA jam worthy when played live. Sometimes I feel like when I go see a band in a small venue (Like THE GARAGE where I recently saw OSOM) it is easy for rhythms and lyrics to get lost but these songs carry through wherever they are played. The only song on the album that wasn’t my favorite was Shadows. It wasn’t that I didn’t like this song but I just thought it really didn’t fit the whole feel of this album therefor I just kinda lost interest in it. 

Straying away from the album, I really like this band in general because they seem very passionate about the music they are producing without being uptight. This band carries so much energy when they perform and are really there to have a good time. There are bands out there that write music that has no space for error so they just get on stage and do their stuff; OSOM is just super loose and fun about their shows which makes me like them even more! 

Overall I loved this album and I love this band. Their songs are full of fun excitement and I really enjoy that. You can tell that everyone is this band loves what they do and they do it to have a good time! I would give this album a 4.5/5. The only thing that kept the album from getting 5/5 was the misplacement of Shadows. Again this song was not bad by any means but I just don’t think it belonged on this album. 

Although this band is going on a break due to the lead singer going to college (which is awesome!), go follow Out of Sight Out of Mind on Facebook and Instagram. You can also go listen to them on Youtube and Spotify. Local music rocks so please go and support YOUR local music!

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