Week 28 A movie by a director you like but haven’t see yet

Clerks 2Image result for clerks 2

Release date: July 21st 2006

Directed by: Kevin Smith

Screenplay: Kevin Smith


I finally got my hands on a copy of this film just in time for this weeks movie! I was highly anticipating this movie because I have read that people liked this Clerks a lot better than the original from 1994.

So I have to kinda agree that this movie was better than Clerks. Not by like a ton but I thought that this movie was a lot more funny and was perceived as more of a comedy were as Clerks I felt was more of a drama/comedy but leaned more to a drama. BUT this movie would not have been the success it was without the first one. There were so many inside jokes from the first movie that made this one as funny as it was. So both movies I think work hand in hand with each other; I just liked Clerks 2 a little better. 

The cast was great because they knew the people they needed to be playing. They created and became the characters from 1994 and didn’t change a thing when it came to this movie. I also just liked the feel of this movie a little better. Going back to the whole drama compared to comedy thing, this movie was more on a lighter note than Clerks. Now this could have been because of the times, the money that was put into the movies and the obvious, the color of the movies. Clerks was in black and white and honestly I think would have been wrecked if it was in color whereas this movie started and ended in black and white but was overall color and I think if the whole thing was black and white it would not have been as good as it was. These are all huge factors that go into filmmaking that I don’t think a lot of people understand; small things like this can make or break a film. 

Overall I really liked this movie; it made me laugh, it looked cool and had a good plot overall. It is crazy to think that the same guy that created Clerks wrote this sequel. This one was kinda hard for me to rate but I am going to give it a 8.5/10. It was great for a sequel without ruining the original Clerks but almost somehow made that one even better. These two movies are great hand in hand but without each other I don’t think either would have as much impact as they did in the world of film. 

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