Week 26 A movie set in a different country

Hot FuzzImage result for hot fuzz

Release Date: Mar 14th 2007

Directed by: Edgar Wright


Before I start this review, you have probably noticed that my blog looks a little…yellower than it normally does. I thought that Anything and Everything could use a little bit of a change. The color yellow is a very happy and exciting color and I feel that is a good description of my blog; therefor the blog is now yellow like the warm sun!!!

I watched this movie without even knowing that it fit the category of this week so that was a nice surprise! I thought that this movie with absolutely hilarious! It is described as a comedy/ parody movie and boy did it fit that description! It was super funny because it kinda comes across as a serious movie at first when in reality it is a super funny and stupid film!

The overall plot of the movie was really great. It is all about two cops that are trying to solve all these murders in London that the whole town is trying to shove under the rug. One of the cops is acually pretty serious about his job while his annoying partner is more along for the ride. With both these conflicting personalities the movie was even better. 

The movie did start off very slow though in my opinion. It took me like a half and hour to be like invested in this movie. The whole beginning is about how the serious cop has to move to a new town to be a cop and he doesn’t like it and his rules are way different than the town’s rules. I feel that if I were to watch the movie again (which I plan to), I would be able to get into the movie a little sooner,

Overall I thought this was a very funny and very clever movie. It was something so similar but then again so different to other comedy/parody movies; I would give it a 8/10. This is a movie you just can’t hate, it has everything such as humor, crime and a good plot overall. Check it out, it is on Netflix and if you end up liking this movie also go check out some other Edgar Wright movies like Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Baby Driver (my personal favorite Wright movie) 

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