Yesterday Review

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Release Date: June 28th 2019

Directed by: Danny Boyle

Screenplay: Richard Curtis 


When I first saw this movie advertise I was very sceptical about it. The Beatles are just a band that you don’t mess with because they are the greatest rock band in the world. But it was easy to see Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis obviously worked their butts off to make sure this movie worked and lets just say their hard work really paid off!

I loved this movie and that is no joke. Jack is a struggling musician that just isn’t getting anywhere. His manager Ellie is doing everything she can to keep him going  but he just can’t do it anymore. After a strange 8 sec worldwide blackout Jack is the only person who still remembers The Beatles. Jack then goes out to bring The Beatles music back to life and to really kick off his music career. 

All in all the plot was great. There were some minor things in the movie that were just kinda there for no reason I guess. I just remember there being small things where I was like ‘I know this is going to be important later’ but they never came back around. I really liked that throughout the movie that the character of Jack had to acually still work to gain his success as a musician. Although all the songs had already been written, Jack was the only one to count on for chords and lyrics and trying to remember crap like that can be hard! He had to just keep working at certain songs, like Eleanor Rigby, to figure out how they went because he knew he had to keep everything just the way it was. This was really great to see because lots of people think that making music is easy and is just a free way to the top, but even a person who is singing songs that have already been perfected needs to work to get where they are going. 

They could not have picked a better cast for this movie. Himesh Patel did such an amazing job at playing Jack. I think Jack would be a hard person to play because of all the things he has on his mind and how he handles those things. At one point he is happy because he has achieved his dreams and then later he is upset because he knows he is taking credit for songs he didn’t have anything to do with and his emotions are just like a roller coaster.  Patel handled it very well and I really want to see him in other things in the years to come.

This movie was so visually gorgeous. The camera angles fit to what was happening on screen and the whole film was just so clean! During the movie words would come across the screen (like song lyrics or where they were in the movie) and it felt like you were in the 70s. The colors were so vibrant and clean and the fonts just fit the aesthetic; it was just a remarkably gorgeous film. It really just gave you this happy feeling and I love that from a movie! 

Overall I loved this movie. I thought it was cute, wholesome, smart and very well executed; I would give it a 8.5/10. The movie was really good but there were some small things that just didn’t fit right and the movie was very long; it could have been shortened up a lot I think. I am very excited to see this movie when it comes out on DVD to see if it holds the same amount of visual beauty as it had on the movie theater screen. 

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