Child’s Play Remake Review

Child’s PlayImage result for childs play 2019

Release Date: June 21st 2019

Directed by: Lars Klevberg 






BRA! I have so many feelings and emotions about the movie I have just watched with my own two eyes. There is really no good place to start so I am just going to jump right into the elephant in the room THE CHUCKY DOLL LOOKED LIKE THE SPAWN OF SATAN! 

Yes as some of you horror fan may know, in the OG Child’s Play Chucky was an actual doll while the face and eyes were computer. This was the way that they wanted this movie to be as well so it stuck to its roots…but this went horribly horribly wrong. If you will close your eyes and imagine this for me: Steve Buscemi and Rosie O’Donnell just had a ginger baby; this was Chucky in Child’s Play 2019. If you don’t believe me please go look it up. I am not even going to add a picture because this is something you just need to experience by yourself. The animation for Chucky was so bad that the words didn’t even match his mouth! Now not only did the look of the doll ruin the movie but the personality of Chucky ruined the film. In the original, Chucky was this crude, nasty, disrespectful serial killer and that is the doll we all fell in love with. I liked how rude he was and that really made the movie; while the new Chucky is just very…misunderstood I guess. He truly just wanted a friend and when he saw people and things hurt his ‘best friend’ Andy, he thought he should just kill them so Andy was happy; if you ask me that sounds like true friendship. You almost just felt bad for the little guy because he wanted to help; you can’t feel bad for a serial killer! Also, the voice of Chucky sounded like Richard Kind and that threw me off my horror movie rhythm big time! Chucky was just a mess and I think I am just gonna end that thought there. 

Other than the doll this movie was not half bad. I don’t know if I was just expecting the worst but I acually liked the movie. The plot was good and it was just modern enough. This movie takes place in present time so technology is a big factor but I don’t think that the moderness wrecked the movie; cell phones and TV’s did not take over the whole plot of the movie. 

We all love Aubrey Plaza, but this role was not meant for her. She was the mom of our main boy Andy (who did a great job but we will get there) but didn’t fit that bill! She acted more as like a fun sister who was incharge of her younger brother. You look at all the other roles she has had such as April from Parks and Recreation and Julie Powers in Scott Pilgrim Vs.The World and the role of Andy’s Mom is just not anywhere near those characters. I am not saying that some actors and actresses can’t do other things but they need to work at it and Plaza wasn’t ready to leave the world of playing sarcastic smart-asses. Now Andy, big round of applause for him!! I was very surprised. In all the trailers, his acting made me want to cry, and not like in a Leonardo Dicaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape kind of way, but in like a really sad and depressing way. It looked so forced and just bad so when the movie started I was blown away by his acting. So good for him.

Overall the doll really ruined this movie. All the times he was off screen were the best part of the movie and were actually frightening but when he was there is just made me uncomfortable; I would give this movie a 5.5/10. I would definitely watch it again for the story and the little bit of humor it brought to the table but the doll really ruined this movie. No doubt in my mind if the doll was better not only would I be giving the movie a higher rating but I think it would have higher ratings across the board. 

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