Week 17 A movie directed by someone under 30

Swiss Army ManImage result for swiss army man

Release Date: June 30th 2016

Directed by: Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert(AKA The Daniels)  

Screenplay: The Daniels


Ok, I don’t even know where to start. This was absolutely the weirdest movie I have ever, EVER seen. So the movie is categorized under drama/fantasy and I… I just don’t understand what this movie ever was!

The movie starts with a guy on an island who is trying to hang himself when he sees something wash up on the shore. A body ends up washing up and it appears dead, and then it starts farting and I guess that’s where you can say the story starts. The guy seems to be alive but you have to wonder is the dude on the island just so undernourished that he is imagining all this or that it is a miracle. Literally every time you think you have your mind warped around it, things get stranger. Most of the movie is the alive guy teaching the body about all the ways of life. At one point they are trying to remember things and they make a whole like world, that is pretty cool. But other than that, I was just…. I don’t know. It was a lot. 

The cinematography was cool. Everything looked very clean and good which is disappointing when the movie is just a bad acid trip. 

I feel like that plot was almost there but The Daniels were trying too hard to create a film that was almost like 2001: Space Odyssey. They wanted to leave you wanting more and thinking about what you just watched, but it just didn’t fall into place like it should have.

Overall I have to give this movie like a 3/10. I didn’t think it was boring, but it was so weird that it was hard to follow and I felt like there was almost too much thought put into the ideas. If you go and watch this movie, brace yourself because I have seen a good amount of strange things in my days, but this… this movie is the strangest. 

One thought on “Week 17 A movie directed by someone under 30

  1. I tried to watch this movie on your recommendation
    I made it through about 25 minutes of it and that was all I could handle
    And I am a person who watches a lot of movies and I always have to see the end of it this one I could not make it that far


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