Week 15 A movie based on a true story

Schindler’s ListImage result for schindlers list

Release Date: Feb 4th 1993

Directed By: Steven Spielberg 

Screenplay: Steven Zaillian 

 For those of you who had not read my post about week 15 being postponed, I will catch you up. So week 15 is a movie based on a true story and the movie I was planning on doing was Schindler’s’ List and that week in school we were acually WATCHING Schindler’s List in my history class so I thought I would just wait till we finished it in class to write about it for my blog.

OKay, I am so excited to write about this movie cause it was a true masterpiece. The overall plot of this movie is how Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party during WW2 and The Holocaust, does everything in his power to save as many jews as he can from the death camp Auschwitz.  Almost everything in this movie was 100% jaw dropping.

First thing is first, the cinnamontography was amazing. The movie in not in black in white but in almost different shades of dark, depressing grays. This sets the whole mood for the next 3 hours and 15 minutes and I think in a movie like this that is very important. One of the scenes that shows off the best of this cinnamontography is also the most well known scene that stars the little girl in the red coat. The blend with the grays is already outstanding but to add that pop of coloring without it being too bright or too dark but just kinda in the middle is gorgeous! There are many other scenes that display amazing editing, blending and all those other cool camera words, but I think the scenes with the girl shows those elements off the best.

The way that this movie was executed was also very impressive. Every single scene that took place in the camps and the ghettos were like ‘HOLY CRAP’! There were so many ways that these scenes could have been made cheesy or without a purpose but Spilberg did a great job at creating scenes that put you right in the shoes of the jews going through these cruel times. The example I want to talk about is the part where all of the woman that were supposed to go to Schindler’s factory were ‘accidentally’ brought to Auschwitz instead. In this scene all the woman are stripped of their clothes and shoved in a giant shower room. Now gas chambers were often disguised as fake showers and to see all these naked woman, ages ranging, just crying, screaming, praying and awaiting their death was just a lot. Now it did end up being a real shower but just having that background of what could have happened was really unsettling. This was one of the most amazing parts of the whole movie in my opinion because it kept the audience fearing for what was next to come as the real events kept the jews fearing for their lives. 

They could not have picked a better person to play Schindler; Mr. Liam Neeson. In interviews after the movie he said that this was one of his most rewarding rolls due to what Oskar Schindler really stood for. He stood for hope and heart in times of troubles. To get the opportunity to play that person had to be stressful and pretty difficult, but Neeson really honored the name of Schindler and did an outstanding job. 

Finally, I loved how Spilberg decided to end this movie. If you are unfamiliar with the end, the movie goes to color and there is about 5 minutes of the actors and the real Schindler Jews walking to Schindler’s grave placing rocks on it, one of the greatest honors. To see the real jews that were saved really tied the whole movie together and created just a really strong ending to this incredibly strong movie. Just as the movie ends, we see a rose placed on the grave and a far, dark shot of Liam Neeson standing over Schindler’s grave. 

Not doubt this movie is a 10/10 and I don’t feel like I throw that rating around too often. Every element in this movie made it the classic it is today. To know how proud Neeson is to have played this character and to know how much of an impact this time made on the world is just uncanny. This movie is on Netflix and is really a movie every person needs to see. I hope this review was worth the few weeks it was postponed and I will (hopefully) be back on track now with the 52 week challenge. 

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