Pet Sematary Review

Pet Sematary

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Release date: April 5th 2019
Directed by: Kevin Kolish, Dennis Widmyer
Screenplay:Jeff Buhler, David Kajganich, Matt Greenberg
I have waited SO DAMN LONG for this movie and boy was it worth it. Before I get into the review I would really like to thank the young couple who were sitting next to us. The boyfriend kept creepily repeating everything that was being said in the movie and he literally had to explain every little thing to his girlfriend like she had never seen a movie before. It was truly hilarious So funny couple at the theater, this review is for you.
So there is so much I have to say about this movie. As anyone who has seen the trailer knows this new adaptation has some very different parts to it. One of the most obvious things is that in the new one the little girl, Ellie, is the one who dies and is brought back to life whereas in the original the little boy, Gage is the one who dies. This worked in some areas and didn’t work in other areas. I enjoyed how Ellie came across, living and dead. While she was alive there was this sweet little girl that grabbed onto our hearts where when she was dead I was ready to kill her with fire. She was so CREEPY that she was not cute like Gage was. If you remember the original, that little kid was so damn cute that I did not fear him and I was ready to just give him my wallet. I was frightened of Ellie and I mean, that is what the movie was trying to get at but I just wanted more cutesy I guess. Speaking of creepy, the dad was so amazing looking. At the start of the movie, you have a clean doctor and as the movie gets deeper and deeper into the plot the dad gets like grubbier and it is so cool! Each freaking frame he looks dirtier, sadder and grubbier.
I will not give anything away but this movie was very different from the original, but it was still a really good movie. Most of the times when there is a remake of a movie and it doesn’t follow the true story line it is trash, but the twists in this movie were acually brilliant! I loved the differences weather they were minor or major.
One big BIG positive I have for this movie is the damn story about the moms messed up sister! In the original it is brought up and it is awkward and uncomfortable and then its over. Like the movie could have easily been done without that fact. In this one, we know more of the background and it keeps coming back to haunt the mom with purpose. So like 10000 thumbs up there. One minor negative that I have is that I really missed the scene from the first one where the dad fell out of his bed and banged his head on the nightstand; otherwise known as the worst part of the movie. Like, there is no argument about that. I just really REALLY wanted to see that!!! That is all.
Overall I was very happy with this film! I think it did an amazing job at taking something older and revamping it to a point that acually worked without going overboard. There were a few things I would have liked to see some things like that one scene and a little more cuteness. I know it sounds dumb but I think the cuteness of Gage made the movie creepy but not like freaking scary where Ellie just scared the crap out of me. I would give it a 8/10. Once again I would like to thank the cool couple sitting next to me, and my mom and my grandpa for going to see this movie with me. We will be going to see all the upcoming movies together so stay tuned for more kickass reviews.

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One thought on “Pet Sematary Review

  1. I agree with Izabella I did like the movie especially like the ending of it that they changed it up
    If you seen the first one you definitely have to see the second one

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