Last Import Music Video!!!

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Guys! If you follow my blog frequently you know about 3 months ago that me and my dear dear best friend Nancy with a Z went to The Garage to be in the music video for local all female band Last Import’s song Money. While after at least of month of Nanczy and I prowling the bands Youtube Channel it finally came out!!!! I have watched it like a solid 5 times and I just love how it turned out!! I have linked the video down below but I also have added some sneak peaks of Nanczy and I! The girls in the band have really worked their butts off to get where they are at now.  They have been lucky enough to have played at First Ave; in a 17 year old Minnesotans mind that is like playing at Madison Square Garden and the Super Bowl at the same time. The first time I ever got to see them I knew they were something special and they really are. They are so good at what they do and they are just the nicest girls too. Please go check out their new album, Last Import. These lovely ladies are on Spotify, Youtube, BandCamp and honestly anywhere else you can find music! Thank you guys so freaking much for letting us be a part of this video and thank you for the guy who acually shot it and pieced it all together. If you want to catch Last Import in action their next couple of shows are listed below.

April 5th- Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis MN

May 11th-The Garage Burnsville MN

Link for Video





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