F is For Family season 5 review

F is For Family Season 5

Netflix Shares 'F is for Family' Official Trailer | Animation World Network

Release Date: November 25, 2021

Written by: Bill Burr, Micheal Price and Tom Gianas

We all know how much people love Big Mouth (me included), but out of all honesty, F is For Family is the best-animated show that Netflix has ever had. After five great seasons, the show finally came to an end this year. Although I was sad to see the show end, it was time and I appreciate that they just ended it — five seasons was just right for F is For Family.

For anyone who has never seen the show, it is about Frank Murphy and his family of five (soon to become six in season 4/5) living in the 70s. Frank fought in Korea and is a no-bullshit type of guy and that is why we love him. Although this sounds like a fun and playful concept, the show is extremely dark and deals with lots of issues that families in the late 60s and early 70s actually dealt with.

Season five was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Season four left so many loose ends that going into season five I thought it would just be a bunch of quick answers with no new plotlines. I was excited to see that there were both closures to the issues of last season and new issues that were juicy but quick enough to resolve throughout one season.

A highlight of not just this season but the whole show is Matthew McConaughey-inspired character, Vic.

Vic is the cool, druggy, party guy who lives next door. In this season, all those ideas are challenged with the fact that he is now a father and doesn’t quite know how to deal with that.

Giving Vic a kid was one of the funniest plotlines of the whole season but it also resulted in a wholesome side of this character we have never seen before. It also created a special bond between Vic and main character, Sue Murphy, who had just had her fourth child.

Speaking of children, that was my biggest complaint about the season. Overall, the animation and style of cartoons are really great in this show…but these babies were butt-ass ugly!

I don’t know why they looked so bad but they just did! It was an even harder blow to see the babies being held by characters that looked good! I don’t know too much about the animation processes, but if you can make everyone else look good…you should be able to make good-looking babies!

Another issue that I had with the animation this season was that there were parts throughout the season where it looked like the words didn’t match with the mouths of the characters.

Once again, don’t know too much about the animation side of shows so I can’t be too much of a smart-ass, but I thought it was kinda bad.

This is the part of the post where we are gonna get to some spoilers so if you have not seen this yet and would rather not find out what happens…you can leave.

I feel a little conflicted about how they dealt with Frank’s dad and his last words. His last words were something about box number 16 and Frank spent the whole season trying to find this box in hopes to find something special his dad left for him.

In the end, he found out his dad said Bach 16 which was the song he wanted to be played at his funeral. This was such a shock not just to Frank but to people watching the show.

It has been an up and down battle throughout the last two seasons about what type of man Frank’s dad actually was and this was the final conclusion — he was a dick who didn’t care about his son.

I’m conflicted because I thought that there was going to be a sweet conclusion and Frank could have closure…but like deep down, I also knew that it couldn’t be that easy and there was no way in hell his dad was going to come out as a good guy.

I was not disappointed about how the show ended as a whole though but I was once again a little shocked. It ends on Christmas day and the whole Murphy family is sitting at the kitchen table having Christmas dinner and it is one of the only times in the whole five seasons where they actually look like a happy family.

F is for Family season 5 spoilers: How does the series end?

The last shot is the youngest son, Bill (inspired by creator Bill Burr), cracking a joke and Frank saying something along the line of, “Good joke Bill, but just remember your humor won’t pay the bills.”

I think I was so in shock because even though this is a comedy, it’s super dark and I thought that it was going to end in death or in a divorce or something just out of the box and gruesome!

It ended on a super wholesome note and I really respect that!

Overall, this was one of the better seasons of F is For Family due to it tying up all the loose ends from the series and creating new ideas that we don’t really need to know the outcome of. I thought it was smart how they ended off on a sweet note as opposed to a dark shocking end because that is kinda off-brand for this show— I would give season five 4/5.

F is For Family is streaming on Netflix right now and trust me…it is way better than Big Mouth!

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