Week 8: A movie with a female director

BewitchedRelated image

Release Date: June 24th 2005

Directed By: Nora Ephron


This week I had to watch a movie that was directed by a female, and honestly that was kinda hard to do. I had a hard time finding a movie with a female director. I was scrolling through the ‘Free Movies’ on Demand and came across ‘Bewitched‘ and realized that it was directed by a lovely lady named Nora Ephron. She directed other classics such as, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’,You Got Mail’ and wrote the screenplay for the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’. 

This movie was not supposed to be any good. I mean, taking a classic TV show and recreating it with Will Ferrell, that kinda sounds like a big disaster. Luckly, it worked in Ephrons favor and was not AS bad as people thought it was gonna be. People were still very sceptical about this movie and many strictly didn’t enjoy it for the fact that it was trying to recreate something classic. 

I liked the movie. It was not the best movie in the world but I thought it was very sweet and very cute. The acting from Nicole Kidman (Isabel/Samantha) was a little dry and was acually kinda bad. She was very ditsy soundoing and was not as tight as she should have been. Will Ferrell (Jack Wyatt) on the other hand did an amazing job and brought all the comedy and the tightness that Kidman was lacking. 

All and all, I thought it was pretty cute and this movie was trying its hardest. I would end up giving it a 6/10. I would watch it again and think it is a cute movie to show to little kids who have never experienced the original ‘Bewitched’. Ya, overall I think this was just a very wholesome movie; not the best but not the worst movie out there either. 

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