Week 9: A movie that was either turned into or based on a show

FRED: The MovieImage result for the fred movie

Release date: Sept 18th 2010

Director: Clay Weiner

Screenplay: David A. Goodman

Fred was a Youtube sensation in the late 2000’s, and he basically had his own show on his Youtube channel due to his large amount of videos. So this movie was based on his stupid ideas, personality and voice that was betrayed threw his Youtube videos.

This movie was awful. I have this on DVD and watched it with my 7 year old sister, and she didn’t even see any amusement in it. I remembered the movie not being good, but being hilariously awful; it was not even that. The whole idea was that Fred’s ‘girlfriend,’ Judy, moves away and he thinks she was captured by Asin people, therefore he needs to be her Knight in Shining Armor. The movie is 83 minutes long and about 69 of those minutes consist of Fred running around screaming. He is betrayed as as stupid boy that does stupid things, but it did not fall into place. I think I laughed maybe twice at the stupidity happening, but the movie didn’t even have that stupid humor. The storyline was kinda there but it was just so dry because they were trying so hard to make sure Fred was crazy and annoying as possible. It is super sad to think that I not only watched and enjoyed this movie, but Fred’s other two movies as well (Yes, there is more of them). I just… really can’t elaborate any further than that. It was so SOOO bad and I would not recommend it to anyone! I give it a 2/10 and that is final! 

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