Week 6: A Classic Romance

The Notebook

Release Date: June 25th 2004

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Screenplay: Jeremy Leven

Ah yes, the beloved Notebook; one of the greatest love stories ever told. When I was younger and just starting Jr. High, movies like this made me literally gag. Just the idea of a sappy love story was not my bag. But it was my friends night to pick our movie and of chose she picked The Notebook. I was appalled for about the first 20 minutes and then everything changed. The plot thickened and the romance wasn’t cheesy, it was sweet and passionate. All I remember was the last like 20 minutes because it consisted of me bawling my eyes out as the couple died in each others arms AND BECAME DAMN BIRDS JUST LIKE ALLIE ALWAYS FREAKIN WANTED!!!! Anyway, I fell in love with this movie at that exact moment and realized it is one of the greatest love stories ever. This was the first time I have seen this movie since that greatful Jr.High night and it was just as good as I remembered. This is one of my mom’s favorites movies so getting to watch it with her was super special for me (even though she made fun of me the whole time for crying). Everything about the film is absolutely breathtaking. I just can’t get over how it is not only the story of Noah and Allie as young adults but the story of how Noah is trying to bring back Allie’s memories of their love. There is literally not a moment in this movie that doesn’t make you want to start crying. Every moment is either so sad or so sweet that you just have to let it all out. I try to act tough and all that jazz, but I am one of the most sensitive people on the face of the earth and have a heart as big as the Empire State Building. I cry during commercials, I cry at weddings, I cry when my mom and dad do nice things for my sister and I. I cry at pretty much anything so this movie and I have that real love hate relationship. I tried to keep it together for as long as I could but the second that they were on the boat and it started to rain and Noah had to tell Allie that he wrote her everyday, I felt the tears come rushing down my face and I heard the giggles coming from my mom. Just creating a story that holds a love so strong is so amazing. The movie originally came from the brain of Nicholas Sparks and hats off to him. A love this strong only happens in books and movies but not only did Sparks bring it to life but so did Cassavetes. It feels so real. Now let’s talk about the big elephant in the room… RYAN GOSLING!!! He is just so good in this movie not only as an actor but as a straight up hunk which also helps him create this whole character of Noah. He has done a lot of movies but this might have to be one of my favorites due to the way he portrays the character. You can’t tell that it is Gosling because he is hiding behind Noah Calhoun. Also I loved the look of this movie. Like it was just a good looking movie. Ever scene was just gorgeous no matter where they were. All the landscaping was wonderful and everything looked so crystal clear. I was very upset when we took our trip to South Carolina and we didn’t get to go see the land this was filmed on. This movie really just takes all the words from my mouth because I am a cheesy romantic. Today as I watched this movie, I physically got dehydrated because I cried so damn hard. It just didn’t stop!! I tried to quit but I physically couldn’t do so. I give this movie 7/10. I think it is different from your run of the mill love at first sight movie and seriously just tugs at your heartstrings. 

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