Battle of the Bands!

Last Saturday was my dear friend Nancy with a Z’s birthday and I thought I would amp it up this year. The epic all female band Last Import was hosting a battle of the bands at one of my favorite Minnesota music venues THE GARAGE. Whoever won the battle of the bands would get the opportunity to perform with Last Import at the one and only First Avenue at their album release show (February the 1st). 

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The Video Shoot

Before the battle of the bands that night, Last Import recorded a video for their song ‘Money’ and it was awesome!! The video was zombie themed, something Nanczy and I were completely unaware of. Lets just say, the video shoot ended with us dripping in edible blood and full of adrenaline for the battle that was only a few hours away. We are hoping the video will be out super soon because everyone involved in it (the band, the director, the videography, the actors, etc….) did such a great job and should be super proud!

The Battle of the Bands

We waited a pretty long time before any music was actually played but it was all worth the wait. The first band that played was a band called The Aftergreens and they are now officially my favorite Minnesota local band! They were 100% mind blowing! They had original sound and relatable lyrics that were super easy to rock out to. It was a band that I instantly fell in love with and hope they go big places! We got the chance to talk to these talented guys in their twenties and they are just so nice and passionate about what they are doing. So big shout out to them! They blew my mind!

There were like 5 other bands that also played during the night that I don’t know the names of but they all put on a super great show! It was just so great to see so much talent from Minnesota in one room. One of the bands handed out rubber wristbands to promote their band and another band was giving out kazoos to play along with. Every band had great energy and even if they didn’t end up

winning they all really looked like they were having a good time.

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The Results Are In 

After about 2 hours of music the judges decided on the winner. The room got super quiet(which is a rare sight when you are at a rock show) and everyone had their eyes glued to the front stage. “And the winner of the battle of the bands is…… THE AFTERGREENS!”

And the crowd went wild!! Well, by wild I mean everyone respectfully clapped and respectfully cheered while Nanczy and I screamed our heads off. They did such a great job and really worked hard for that Battle of the Bands title. I ended up spending my money on a band shirt and their CD that I have been blasting in my car  all week (so there should hopefully be an album review coming out very shortly).

All in all this was an amazing concert. Nanczy and I got to be in a zombie music video and I discovered one of my new favorite bands. I want to just thank Last Import for letting us be in their video and putting on this battle. Go check them out, their album comes out on February 1st and their music is on Spotify and other places on the internet. I also once again want to thank The Aftergreens for just being awesome I guess. Please go check them out as well and you will understand what I am talking about. So freaking good!! And a big thank you to all the other bands that performed on Saturday!


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