SZNZ: Spring album review

SZNZ: Spring

By. Weezer

Release date: Mar. 20, 2022

It has been a hot minute since I have done an album review on Anything and Everything but recently I have been listening to a lot of old shit that has been reviewed time and time again. Lucky for us, Weezer has dropped their first record from the seasonal concept collection. As promised, I will be writing a review for each of them upon their release — Summer will be dropped June 20, Fall will be dropped September 22 and Winter will be dropped December 21.

Now I knew that these records were gonna be a journey, but I didn’t know that it was going to be this much of a journey straight out of the gate. Although it’s no, O.K. Human, this record was not very good.

Right off the bat, the opener, Opening Night, made me extremely uncomfortable and I wanted death right then and there. After the first few listens, I started to fall in love with the chorus of the song but it was so hard to get there when the first minute is just Rivers chanting at me like I just joined the cult that is Weezer.

Throughout the record, I just felt like everything was so rushed. The lyrics, the sounds and just everything about it! I have consulted with the queen, Nancy with a Z, and we both agreed that this record felt like a shitty first draft of something that could have been something great — it just needed some more work and time.

Also, just taking a look at all the names of the songs, they all sound like crazy pieces that I played in high school band. Angles on Vacation and All This Love…these are competition pieces and you know it, am I right band kids?!

The one thing that this record has going for it is that I did feel pretty happy while I was listening to it — if definitely had the feeling of spring which I really liked, I just wish the songs were better. They had the spirit that is for sure and I will give them that!

I think that the band also had this right idea of creating four, fun quick records that will create a giant compilation because SZNZ: Spring alone is only seven songs and is no more than 21 minutes. I can only hope and assume that the rest of the records are going to follow similar structured lines but with Weezer, who knows. The summer album could be three hours for all we know.

Overall, this record was probably a 1.5/5 for me. I really appreciate that Weezer is doing something so bold like a four-album collection, but I will honestly never listen to this record again — there was nothing special about it and I didn’t really enjoy any of the songs to go back and listen to them again or add them to my everyday mix.

Go check out this record anywhere music can be heard and maybe you will like it more than I did! Once again, it did put me in a happier mood so maybe flick it on while you watch the snow melt outside your window and prepare for the spring weather!

Here is a chaotic photo that Weezer is using to promote the album. Photo from NPR

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