Week 15 Postponed!

Hello everyone! Yes I know I did not post last week and that is because the topic was ‘A movie based on a true story’ and in my history class we acually just started watching Schindler’s List. This was the movie I acually had planned to watch for this week anyway so I thought I would just watch it in class. But we have not finished it yet and to write a good review you kinda have to finish the movie. We are not going to be done with it for about another week so at the moment I will not be writing my week 15 review. I am hoping to have my first poll published sometime this week/weekend and I will also have week 16 written for you guys to read! Thank you for being patient and sticking with me! Once summer hits, there is going to be so many more posts, pictures and other cool stuff that you guys have to look forward to! Have a great rest of your week, Happy early Easter and be safe if you are traveling!!!!Puns. I should not have laughed so hard at this, but the use of ribbitting just got to me.

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