South Park Post-COVID Special review

South Park Post-COVID Special Release Date: November 25, 2021 Directed by: Trey Parker and Matt Stone There is no time for shitty introductions and the normal bullcrap I write at the beginning of posts, we need to talk about this 'exclusive event' right now! I will start off by saying that this review is going … Continue reading South Park Post-COVID Special review

Ghostbuster Afterlife review

Ghostbusters Afterlife Release Date: Nov 19, 2021 Directed by: Jason Reitman I never thought this day would come! Most people have been waiting the last two years for the new Ghostbusters, but for nerds like me, we have been waiting our whole LIVES for this movie to come out! It was an extremely rewarding moment … Continue reading Ghostbuster Afterlife review

Halloween Kills review

Halloween Kills Release Date: Oct 15th, 2021 Directed by: David Gorden Green The spooky season is upon us which means another Halloween movie has been released — Halloween Kills is the 12th movie in the Halloween Franchise. Even though nothing beats the original from 1978, all the other Halloween movies hold something special to them … Continue reading Halloween Kills review