Jackass Forever review

Jackass Forever Wins Weekend Box Office While Moonfall Bombs

Jackass Forever

Release Date: Feb 4, 2022

Directed by: Jeff Tremain

WARNING: This review is not meant for anyone under the age of 16, over the age of 100, women breastfeeding, or the faint of heart.

First and foremost, there were so many posters released for this movie and the one I used is by far my favorite! Just the look on Johnny Knoxville’s face (far left) is absolutely everything to me and just really gives you some good classic Jackass energy!

Originally, this film was support to be released on October 22, 2021 (what an amazing birthday present that would have been for me!), but due to COVID and some other wack things going on with the film itself, it got pushed back.

I have only recently gotten in the universe of Jackass and was so excited to be able to actually experience one in theaters and it was worth that wait — from the opening to the ending credits, this movie was solid as shit!

This movie started the only way I would have expected it to… with Chris Pontius’s Peen dressed up as Godzilla. It was a huge storyline of the guys trying to stop Gozilla from taking over the town and it was just solid gold straight out of the gate!

All the stunts in this movie were bigger and better than anything we have ever seen before but kept some of the things that we all love and know from the other movies in the franchise.

I really enjoyed that there were moments where they were obviously taping on shitty handheld camcorders to really embody the feel of the first movie that gave them their name, but then they also utilized the 3D slow-mo cam that played a huge part in Jackass 3D and Jackass 3.5.

Speaking of mixing the old and the new, there was a whole new cast of fresh meat that was brought in for this movie and I liked them all!

First up we got Poopies; he is the superior new cast member because A) His name is Poopies, which made me laugh EVERY time, and B) He didn’t say no to anything! Jackass is really just a game of “Yes And” and Poopies lived by those rules!

I also really liked Zach who was kinda in the same boat — he was willing to do anything and everything for the sake of the audience which is really what these films pride themselves on.

Finally, it takes a lot of balls to be a member of Jackass, and to not have any at all is what makes new member and first female on the cast, Racheal Wolfson, the queen!

JACKASS FOREVER | Trailer deutsch german [HD] - YouTube

I’m not gonna lie, I wish she got hurt a little more and had some more screen time, but when you don’t have a free-standing target in the middle of your legs that creates at least 75% of Jackass’s content, I understand. But the few bits that she had were hilarious and pretty hardcore — I can’t wait to see what other things she goes on to do!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot_20220208-161537_facebook-edited-1.jpg

One of my favorite parts of the whole movie was that at least half of the stunts were them just beating the shit out of Danger Ehren. From getting bombarded by a bear to getting his nuts plundered by a pogo stick, every single thing they had him do was just brutal and he definitely got his ass kicked this time around!

I mostly have praise for this movie, but there were a few things that just felt off and one of those things was the absence of Bam, Phil and April Margera. Yes, I know the original cast members were not there for legal reasons and all this other crazy shit, but it definitely felt off (you can read this article to get all the inside info, I don’t feel like explaining it all again for the 100th time).

BUT on the brighter side, Bam did make a super small appearance that was not glorified but I noticed imminently and that was during the marching band bit (which has been pulled from Youtube since the release of the film).

I am assuming it was one of the first bits filmed before Bam got kicked off the cast but I thought it was really nice that they not only kept in it but that they didn’t edit the crap out of it to completely hide the fact you can tell it is Bam.

I also did not like the fact that this movie was SO hyped up because even though I thought it lived up to the expectation, I swear they used at least half of the movie footage in the trailers so once you got to the theaters, you kinda knew what was going to happen.

For sure there was stuff that we didn’t see, but I felt like a lot of the bigger pranks and the shock factor stunts were heavily showcased in trailers and teasers. Could be on me for watching all the trailers and teasers, but I thought a little too much was given away.

Overall though, this movie was gross, cruel and so narly that Johnny Knoxville started the film as a brunette and ended the movie as a full silver fox! Even though there were a few small things I could nitpick about Jackass Forever, I loved it so much and laughed harder than I have ever laughed at a movie before. It has been 10 years since the last movie came out and so much has happened with the Jackass family, good and bad, that it was kinda wholesome to see everyone just having a good time — I would give this movie a 4.5/5.

Jackass está de regreso con "Jackass Forever"

Go check out Jackass Forever at your local theaters! Valentines Day is right around the corner and trusts me, nothing says, “Happy Valentines Day” or “I love you Mom” better than a ticket to Jackass!

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