Halloween Kills review

Halloween Kills

Release Date: Oct 15th, 2021

Directed by: David Gorden Green

The spooky season is upon us which means another Halloween movie has been released — Halloween Kills is the 12th movie in the Halloween Franchise. Even though nothing beats the original from 1978, all the other Halloween movies hold something special to them that keep me watching every year!

First off, I love seeing the evolution of the Micheal mask from movie to movie. Before I went to see this film last weekend, I was able to watch the 1978 Halloween and it was just fascinating to see the differences between the masks.

Obviously, throughout the years, some of the masks have been better than others but I think that horror movies are very historical and being to clearly see how this iconic face has changed throughout the years is something really interesting to me!

Another quick fun fact, the first Micheal mask was just a William Shatner mask that they painted white. Who would have thought that one of the most well-known faces in horror history would be that of William Shatner!?

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I thought the plot of this movie was pretty good but it is your classic Halloween movie — it isn’t amazing but it was good.

This movie started off the exact place that the last movie, Halloween (2018) left off. This felt kinda weird at first but it was actually a really smart idea. The only thing was that I have not seen the last movie since 2018 so things were a little foggy — that is on me though, so make sure to watch the last movie before you see this one!

The cast was really well picked out as well. Obviously, Jamie Lee Curtis was in it kicking all the ass, but there were a lot of other original actors from the first movie that came back. This was really cool to see and is something I think I wanted from the 2018 Halloween movie. It was just cool to see some of the same characters we saw 43 years ago still stepping up to stop this force of evil and working together to finish what Laurie (Curtis) started.

There was one particular actor who did a really great job as an original character and that was Anthony Micheal Hall. Although he was not in the original movie, he played the part of adult Tommy who was the little boy Laurie baby-sat. I am a huge fan of Hall and his work during the Brat Pack years but even as an adult, he knows what he is doing and he knows how to play a character extremely well — it was a real nice surprise to see him here.

The beginning of this movie started off SUPER strong! It was fast-paced and kept me engaged in the story the whole time. But after about the first hour, it started to slow down and I felt like the end just fizzled out. I just thought that the ending was super anti-climatic. It was just kinda over like that which was a little weird.

I thought it was really cool how this movie used flashbacks throughout the film. Because there were lots of original cast members, they used that to their advantage to tell a whole other layer of the story through these flashbacks. I think they can sometimes be super annoying but in the right movie they can be a boatload of fun and that is what they were for Halloween Kills.

Overall, I thought that this movie was fun. It was entertaining and it was cool to connect all the dots from the other movies over the years. There were points where it got a little slow and I felt like it ended very to the point which was kinda weird to me but it was a good addition to this crazy Halloween world — I would give this movie a 7/10.

Go see Halloween Kills in the theater or if you are an Xfinity customer, you can catch it on Peacock for free in the comfort of your own home. Make sure you are subscribed to Anything and Everything so next year when Halloween Ends drops, you are the first person to get my review!

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