Poison Oak Q and A

This weeks Q and A’s featured band is Poison Oak — an indie rock band that has slowly evolved from casual Saturday morning jam sessions among good friends. Although this North Queensland Australian band has only been together for about a year and a half, they have spent all that precious time writing and releasing new material!

Q: What our your favorite songs to play live at a Poison Oak concert?

A: “I guess for myself, James, at the moment it would be Losing Ourselves.”

Q: Was there a defining moment that you guys knew Poison Oak had made it big?

A: “Haha! Honestly, we haven’t made it ‘big’ yet neither are we looking to achieve that necessarily.”

Q: Did you guys always plan on of being musicians?

A: “[Well] we all have full time jobs and careers. So, it was never really like, ‘I want to be a musician.’

“Music is something we all play and enjoy along with our jobs. It’s something we love and that’s why we are doing it.”

Q: If Poison Oak could tour with any band, who would you guys want to tour with?

A: “I guess we like a wide range of music that changes every month — but I wouldn’t mind touring with The Cure or Violent Soho.”

Q: Who writes most of Poison Oak’s music and material?

A: ” Ray and myself, [James], come up with most of the ideas and structure for our music. However, when it comes to defining everyone’s parts, everyone writes their own.”

Q: How would you describe life on the road as a band?

A: “Tiring, fun, exhausting — life not had in a home.”

You can go check out Poison Oak’s newest EP, 1996, on Spotify along with all their other singles that have been released throughout the last year! Also make sure to check up on Poison Oak’s Facebook page and Instagram on updates about the new music they have been teasing!

Here our the links to Poison Oak’s Facebook page, Instagram and Spotify!

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