Fear Street Trilogy Review

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard all the rage about the Netflix horror trilogy, Fear Street. Every week in the month of July, there was a new piece of the three part series released on Netflix creating one overall huge spooky story!

Instead of writing three different reviews on all three movies, I wanted to wait till I finished the series so I could do a three in one Anything and Everything super special review on ALL the different parts.

I think it is smart to start at the beginning so here with go with Fear Street, Part One: 1994 (let the scary organ music play).

Fear Street: Part One - 1994 (2021) - IMDb

Fear Street Part One: 1994

Release Date: July 2 2021

Run Time: One hour and Forty-Seven minutes

Let’s set the scene: It is 1994 — Green Day’s hit record, Dookie, has just been released, The George Foreman Grill has hit the market and Jeffrey Dahmer got the chair…a year full of events!

But in the town of Shadyside, nothing else matters except that a local teen was the cause of a horrendous bloodbath at the mall.

Nothing about this seems out of the ordinary for Shadyside due to all the murders and crazeis that have been festering in the town for over three centuries.

Deena, the main character of our story, is going through her own shit and could care less about a murdered teen, but cares more about her rough breakup with former girlfriend, Sam, who goes to the happy, preppy school in the town nextdoor.

After Sam gets in a car crash (that may or may not have been Deena’s fault), weird things start to happen and everyone is certain it is the work of Sarah Fier…the Shadyside witch whose grave Sam ended up disturbing.

That is all I will give you guys in hopes of not spoiling too much, but that stuff is important to really understand everything else.

I thought that this was a great way to start this series! I do have to admit that it took me a little while to get into because just as I gave you guys above, there was a lot of background and stuff at the start of the movie making the first half and hour feel like a lifetime.

Once things got kicking though, they stayed kicking!

The characters in this first chunk were amazing and probably my favorite group throughout the series — Deena is accompanied by her best friends, Simon and Katie, and her kid brother Josh.

Simon is a complete icon! His character was written so funny and he just made me laugh. I wanted more of him throughout the whole series but I will take what I got I guess.

I also thought that this part was the perfect mix of humor and horror. I have always liked a funny horror movie but I also don’t like extra hilarity horror movies — Part One 1994 was a perfect balance I thought.

I think it was smart that there was a little more humor in this part because it sucked you into the story a little more since people can relate a little more with humor than horror.

With this being said, the other two parts had moments, but there was not NEARLY as many one liners or funny things; they were more serious. The scary things in parts two and three really highlighted the point that…some scary shit went down to get to the main plot of the story so we need to pay attention and shouldn’t be focused on humor.

Overall, Part One: 1994 was a real great way to start off this three part story. It started off a little slow because of all the background that was given BUT everything that you learned from part one came back and created a more cohesive plot in the other two parts and in the overall big story being told.

Fear Street: Part Two - 1978 (2021) - IMDb

Fear Street Part Two: 1974

Release Date: July 8 2021

Run Time: One hour and Fifty minutes

This was my favorite movie from the three set simply because I simp for 70s and 80s summer camp movie.

And that isn’t just horror camp movies like Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp, it’s all camp moves like Meatballs and Wet Hot American Summer — camp movies just really do it for me!

But setting the whole camp scene aside, I still thought this one was the best because it was the perfect middle man movie — it cleared up all the questions from Part One: 1994 and perfectly married together part one and part three.

Part Two: 1974 doesn’t follow main characters Deena and Sam but the childhood trauma of Ziggy Verman who experienced the same horrors Sam and Deena are going through with the Shadyside Witch.

Deena and Sam go to Ziggy for help and she tells the whole story of her 1978 summer and how the horrors of this town took her older sister, Cindy.

The biggest praise I have for this movie was not how it added to the at large story plot of the whole Fear Street trilogy but how well thought out and well done the main plot of THIS particular movie was. Sometimes I find that in trilogies or part twos of movies, the main plot for THAT FILM gets lost in all the crap they are trying to expand from the previous film.

I am not saying that Part Two: 1974 had NOTHING to do with the other movies in the series, but all three of these movies have certain themes of their own and part two did the best job at bringing the vibes of its 70s summer camp theme to life.

The reason this is so big for me is because Part Three:1666 did not do the best job at holding its own plot…but we will get to that!

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 - Wikipedia

Fear Street Part Three: 1666

Release Date: July 16 2021

Run Time: One Hour and Fifty-Four minutes

Part Three: 1666 is obviously the last movie in this series and is the one I think I have to most critiques for.

The theme for part three was witches and basically like the witch trials. The idea was SO there but it just fell super duper flat!

A little bit of background, Deena touched like a bone or something (I genuinely don’t remember) and she is getting to see the real story of the witch and that is the third movie.

First off, as opposed to having a different cast play the people involved in the plot of part three…they bring back all the other character from the first two movies.

I think they were trying to be symbolic and simply just show that Deena was basically living the witches life…but I found it super duper confusing.

Confusing might not be the right word but it took me a second or two to kinda connect the dots as to what was going on. I don’t know, maybe it does makes some scene…I just wasn’t a huge fan of this choice.

The first hour of the movie all took place in 1666 and is the whole backstory of the witch and why this stuff is happening to Deena, Sam and the whole town of Shadyside. Although important, it was B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!

Lots of the settings were at night or in the dark so it was hard to see what was happening, and things were somehow going way to slow but also too fast to follow at certain points!

I really like the idea of witches and witchcraft in the old days, I find it very interesting, but this storyline was so dull. They hyped this one up as being this super creepy ending piece and it was not creepy at all.

If you are making a movie about witches, witchcraft and Satanic rituals in the 1600s, there is a checklist of things that that movie needs to include:

Baphomet - Wikipedia
  • Lots of Goats (with and without angel wings)
  • Blood drinking/sacrifices
  • A virgin crying tears of blood
  • A caldron full of hands
  • A scary dead crow
  • Someone speaking in tongues

To say the least…Part Three: 1666 only had like one of those things in it so…

Another big thing for me, which was actually kinda hilarious not gonna lie, was the way that the actors talked. Because this part took place in 1666, they wanted everyone to sound like they lived in 1666.

Now, I am not quite sure what kind of accent they exactly wanted, but in movies like The Witch, they hit the nail on the head with that old timey irish accent; in Part Three: 1666 everyone had something different going on and it was super funny!

About 90% sounded like a hardcore Minnesotan accent and when I say hardcore, I mean like deep Iron Range Minnesotan accent (if you know, you know)! But then there were like three people who were using like a Jamaican accent for some damn reason!

It was all over the place and I feel like they should have been more specific on how the actors were supposed to talk or maybe have just dropped the accents altogether.

That was really harsh I know BUT that was just the first hour. After Deena is released from the vision, this movie gets its head out of its ass and starts taking names!

The end half of the movie is basically Deena and some others trying to fight this witch curse. I am not going to go into a tone of details because I don’t want to give too much more away, but all of this makes up for the stupid first half.

It is just action packed and it ties everything about the series up. One thing I will say that I really liked about the ending of this part was that it ends in the same setting the whole series started — in the mall. I think that is just smart and there is something about that I just find satisfying.

Overall, Part Three: 1666 was split down the middle — the first half was really important to the whole story but was a total drag and the second half kicked ass not just in terms of the third movie but in terms of the whole series.

Despite some of the bitter critiques I had for this series, I really enjoyed and appreciated the Fear Street trilogy! It was fun, visually pleasing and the writing was brilliant! It was kinda a chessy simple horror movie plot BUT once the series was over I think you realize just how complex this story was.

They always tell you to step out of your comfort zone but sometimes when you go back to the basics of a classic template, there is more room for you to tweek and complicate this known formula and I think that is exactly what went down throughout the Fear Street movies.

I had an absolute blast writing this review and couldn’t get it posted fast enough! If you liked this review make sure to like the post and to subscribe to my blog for more movie reviews like this one!

Go check out Fear Street for yourselves on Netflix!

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