Random Ties Q and A

The Anything and Everything spotlight is on U.S. band, Random Ties! Heavily influenced by iconic bands such as Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Random Ties is a perfected mix of rock and grunge rock.

After running into each other at all the other concerts in their area, Yous (vocals/guitar), Ron (bass) and Jack (drums) excepted this act of fate, formed a strong musical relationship and thus for created Random Ties!

Q: When did you guys know you made it big?

A: “We haven’t & we are still trying to make our presence known in the music industry. So a big thank you to outlets like you for giving us a voice and helping us reach a wider audience.”

Q: What is one of Random Ties songs that has extreme meaning behind it?

A: “Thawra. That song was written after the massive explosion on August 4 that rocked an entire city, Beirut, and left hundreds of thousands of people displaced. We wanted to raise awareness of what happened and as well [raise] some funds to help those that were affected.

“The video was directed by Layal Gerbran and it won’t get more authentic with real life images of what went down.”

Q: If you were given 100k to spend in a record store, what section would you go to first?

A: “Merchandise section. I think that would help a lot of bands out.”

Q: What is Random Ties best record?

A: “Our listeners really dig Week 39. It has some great melodies, choruses and I really dig the drums in it.”

Q: Where would the world be without music?

A: “Music gives flavor, it gives emotion to life so without it, [life] would be empty.”

Q: What advice do you have for younger kids/people in general who are passionate about music or want to start a band?

A: “Having passion is a strong ingredient in succeeding no matter what you do. But remember you need to put in the time to work on your craft…”

Q: Is there anything else you want the world to know about Random Ties and the music that you make?

A: “Keep listening & thank you!”

Random Ties just released their latest single, They Don’t Care, which can be found on all music streaming platforms. The song is about the conflict in Palestine and South American power abuse. “We wanted this song to raise the volume on social injustice,” the band said.

Catch up on They Don’t Care and Random Ties fan favorite record, Week 39 anywhere music can be found! Just as last weeks band, Next Stop Olympus, Random Ties has this cool link that just sends you to ALL their social medias which I have linked right below!

Random Ties page

The band has also mentioned that they really enjoy and grow from subscriptions, likes and comments on their YouTube videos so make sure to go check them out there as well!

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