Next Stop Olympus Q and A

Next Stop Olympus is a metalcore/post-hardcore band with a twist of rock and roll from Salisbury/Southampton — the band formed back in 2018 and has been playing music ever since! This week, they are the featured band on the Anything and Everything Q and A were they have answered some mind boggling and deep thought questions about their personal lives and about the band itself!

Q: When did you guys feel that Next Stop Olympus make it big as a band? Was there any certain moments that tipped off that reality of being musical superstars?

A: “[We don’t] really consider ourselves as big, we just take each step as it comes so far and are grateful that we get to do what we love. But, our proud and most successful moment so far would be the release of our brand new EP, Heart, Mind & Hell.”

Q: What are your guy’s favorite songs to preform live?

A: Matt- “It changes show to show for me but I think it has to be, Hell to Bear, at the moment! We haven’t been able to play any of the new EP due to the pandemic yet so I can’t wait to [play those live].”

A: Conor-“The Dirt is definitely the one for me! The chorus is nice, catchy and simple enough that the crowd can get involved [and they do!]”

What is life like on the road — is it anything like what you see in movies and on T.V.?

A: “No, it’s not glamourise at all! You mostly just see motorways, the inside of service stations and the inside of the venue while waiting for sound check. But we still love it and try to see as much [of] the country as we can when we have time to.”

Q: How did you guys come up with the name Next Stop Olympus?

A: We got it from Disney’s Hercules. We’d been throwing names around for a little while and couldn’t decide on one and Conor was watching the film, heard the line and thought it sounded cool. We agreed on that [Next Stop Olympus] stands out a bit more and is fairly search engine friendly. Would we change it — absolutely not! We love the name still!”

Q: What has been the craziest question you have been asked during an interview?

A: “We did an interview where we had to pretend we were on a deserted island which was fun, but we were asked who in the band we would each first which gave us a lot to think about!”

Q: If you could tell your past selves anything about your life as a musician now, what would you tell them?

A: Matt– “Start practicing and getting into music earlier in life because I got into music probably a bit later in life.”

A: Conor– “Mainly just to make sure I put that extra bit of effort into making things happen and not be afraid to put [yourself] out there a little more.”

Q: If you were given $100,000 to spend in a record store, what would be the first section you’d run to?

A: Matt– “First would have to be the metal section. I still listen to more metal than anything else, however, I’d also check out the country section and the older, more classic, 50’s and 60’s rock and roll.”

A: Conor– “I’m not much of a record guy so I think I’ll just run off with the money and you can find me in the bar nearest by!”

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to the fans of Next Stop Olympus?

A: “Just thank you for all the incredible support and [the] response we’ve had to this new release so far — it’s been mind blowing for us and we can’t wait to get out there and play more shows for everyone!

And, no matter what you’re doing in life or at shows, if you want to get into the pit or stand at the back with a beer, enjoy yourself!”

Q: Is there anything else you want the world to know about Next Stop Olympus and the music you guys make?

A: “We just want people to listen to it! We’ll let everyone make their own mind up about us, but we’re just always out to have a good time!”

Next Stop Olympus newest EP, Heart, Mind & Hell was released back in April and can be found on most music platforms. As the world starts to get back to normal, they are going to be booking more gigs around the U.K. — maybe someday they will even come and tour the U.S!

I have recently been notified that all the buttons that I have been adding on the last few Q and A’s that are SUPPOSED to take you to the band’s social medias and other links haven’t been working. So, from now on I will just be linking everything as opposed to creating fancy buttons that apparently don’t work!

Luckly, Next Stop Olympus only has one link that will take you to a page that has ALL their links! I have never seen this before and I think it is super awesome and a good way to keep things simple — that page is linked below!

Next Stop Olympus page

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