Pressure Q and A

Pressure is a three piece band from Sweden that consists of Olof Jönsson — lead vocals, Simon Forsell — lead guitar/songwriter and Patrk Buhr— rhythm and lead guitar. The band started back in 2018 but Buhr has only been with the band for a few weeks.

Pressure is the first band to do a Q and A with Anything and Everything and this is super exciting for me! I am hoping to be doing more and more Q and A’s with other bands and just other interesting people in general. Some journalists are not huge fans of Q and A’s but I I think they are really great pieces that hold a lot of detailed information but can also be a quick read for the audience.

Without further ado, let’s get the ball of the first every Anything and Everything Q and A rolling…

Q: What genres of music do you consider Pressure to play?

A: “We play Story Metal — the story of our music is the most important thing for us and we use mostly metal vibes to tell the story. But, if you listen to our different songs you will find that there [are] little bits of different genre[s] in our songs — we use the music genre that best helps us to tell the story.”

Q: How did you guys meet and decide to create a band?

A: “It all started years ago when Simon became Emil’s (our old guitarist) guitar teacher. They found each other and started playing in a cover band together… After a few years they got tired of playing covers and started rearranging, rewriting and translating the lyrics of known and popular rock/pop songs to spice things up. By this time, they released that they wanted a lead singer and found me, Olof.

“When I joined the band, we first worked with Simon’s and Emil’s rewritten covers. But pretty fast, we did our first [original] song and as soon we started walking that path, there was no going back — no more covers! It has taken us about one to one and half years to find our sound.”

Q: How did the name Pressure come to be? If you could, would you go back and change it or keep it as is?

A: “It took a time for us to come up with the name and we are still satisfied with [it]. Most of our songs are about different kinds of pressures [good and bad] — that is why we think [the name] fits us really good.”

Q: Are there any certain bands that have inspired you throughout your lives?

A: “Not only a certain band, [but] we are influenced by ordinary everyday people that have a real self-experience story to tell us. That’s the base of our music — to tell real life stories.

“It is not one band, person or genre, it is a mix of many. If you take the vocals of Rammstein, Volbeat or Thåström, the backing vocals from Queen or Aerosmith, mix it with the guitars of Bon Jovi, Guns ‘N Roses and Mötley Crue, the drums of DIO or Whitesnake, the lyrics of Skid Row or Bob Dylan, add the bass of Metallica and Korn and finally add a bit of folk music into that mix, then you have our sound.”

Q: What is one of Pressure’s songs that has special meaning behind it; what is that meaning and why is the song so important?

A: “Where should we start… I think all of our song have a strong meaning behind them, but if I have to choose one, [I’d] choose “Ännu Mer” (I Need More). [It’s] a song about never being satisfied and always pushing things forward. That can be [such] a good thing; if not, your inner demons [can] get [a] good grip on you and you lose the ability to see what’s really important in life.”

Q: What is one of Pressure’s songs that has no meaning and was written strictly for fun?

“Fem I Tre” (Five Minutes To Three); our next release. It’s about [a] guy or gal, that, five minutes to three (five minutes before the bar closes), tries to hook up [with] everything that moves.”

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

“Listen to the meaning of our songs, [have] your own interpretation of our songs… [and] start a discussion. Most of them are written so they can be interpreted in two different ways — a good and a bad.”

Q: Is there anything else you want the world to know about Pressure?

“[Just] listen to us and see if you can handle the pressure!”

Pressure is going to be dropping their new single, Fem I Tre, on July 2 and can be heard anywhere music can be found. To keep an eye on what Pressure is doing in the near future, go check them out on their social medias and show them your support by listening to their music on Spotify and Bandcamp — everything is linked below.

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