Van Weezer Review

Van Weezer

By. Weezer

Release Date: May 7 2021

Weezer – 1 More Hit Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

What a wonderful day it is here in Minnesota! Our mask mandate not only has been lifted and we can hopefully start to get back to a normal life that isn’t a flaming pile of shit, but the Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy concert (AKA The Hella Mega Tour) has officially announced that they are still coming to Minnesota this summer!!

This is beyond exciting because as you all already know, Green Day is my favorite band ever and I have never seen Weezer before so this concert is going to be kick ass! Not only do I already have tickets, but I get to go with three of my best friends in the whole world (shout out to Nancy with a Z, Mike and Autumn)!

To celebrate this just heart exploding news, I thought it is time for us to talk about Weezer’s new album, Van Weezer that Weezer fans all over the world have been anticipating for over a year!

The singles

Weezer dropped their first single for Van Weezer in September of 2019 and that was The End of the Game. This song hit all types of charts as the top song and it was really really good! Of course, then COVID struck and we didn’t hear anything from Weezer until they dropped single number two, Hero in May of 2020.

This song was also just a banger and I know it gave me hope that Van Weezer was going to better than the last three albums Weezer had dropped.

The final single, I Need Some of That was released at the end of April 2021 and was really the cherry on top of this Weezer sundae — all three of these singles just kicked so much ass and were an amazing preview for what was about to come out of the whole record of Van Weezer.

The rest of the album

It was super impressive that the three singles dropped over the last two years were there to help me create a picture of what I thought Van Weezer was going to be and that it was ACTUALLY everything I wanted it to be.

There were only like two songs I wasn’t crazy about but I didn’t hate, and that is a kinda rare — I find that every album I like will have at least one to two songs that I just could never listen to again and Van Weezer didn’t have anything like that.

The songs that were not my favorite were, Blue Dream and 1 More Hit. These two were just not as ear catching as the rest of the album but they were by no mean horrible. They just didn’t have the rock sound that I prefer from Weezer and their lyrics were a little weak.

The lyrics for 1 More Hit are the ones that really caught me off guard because….well just check them out and let me know if you have any feelings about them.

“Pump in up into me please daddy please daddy, pump in up into me. Pump it up, pump it up into me.”


Now…I believe they are talking about drugs, but either way, I don’t like my Weezer too kinky and this stepped over the line for me just a titch.

I also thought the last song was really good lyric wise and rhythm/melody wise, but, I kinda wanted it to go a little harder. When a song it titled, Heavy Metal Girl, I want the song to sound heavy and metal.

I think it was a dumb name for the song for it being as mellow as it was BUT Heavy Metal Girl was a nice way to end the album and was a nice contrast to everything else — just maybe needed a different name but I’m not Weezer so I don’t get a say in what the songs are called.

I have two favorite songs off the record, that were not signals, and they are, She Needs Me and Shelia Can do It.

Both these songs are the type of things I really enjoy hearing from Weezer because I think it is a mix of there sound from early records like Pinkerton and older records like Hurley and The White Album.

They are super fun and for me, I can almost see the situation — both are telling these bright stories that I can just see in my brain and I just enjoy listening to them.

Shelia Can do It is just great and fun for me but I really like all the different types of elements that create She Needs Me.

It starts slow and quiet and the just bumps which is something I LOVE; I also really like the backgrounds. There are lots of cute “ohhhs” and “ahhhs” and “owowowooos” that I just really like. It is so vibrant and happy and that makes me feel happy when I listen to it so it is an A+ in my book.

Overall, I think that Van Weezer was just the saving grace of the year 2021 — it was everything that I love from all the other Weezer albums melted almost into one perfect one that I physically can’t stop listening to. There are a few songs I didn’t talk about but they follow those same lines of fun and happy and vibrant and different causing this record to be a whole ass bundle of fun for anyone who gets their hands on it — I would give it a 4.5/5.

Weezer I think worked extra hard of this record and it really showed that they brought all their best qualities together and it is obvious that this record is one for the books.

Although Van Weezer is no Hurley (you can check out my strong views of Hurley right here), it was a super awesome record that you can check out on all music streaming sites or if you cool, you can go buy at your local record store!

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