The Queers Save the World Review

Save the World

By. The Queers

Release Date: Nov 30 2020

The Queers - Save The World |

I have been trying to write this post for a SUPER long time but I have simply not had any time. So lets just get right into this album that dropped in FREAKING NOVEMBER and is just getting reviewed now.

The Queers are a punk rock band and are one of my favorite bands in the world so I couldn’t have been happier to see them release an album in the devilish year of 2020. The Queers were originally signed to record label Lookout Records who had also at one point been home to bands like Green Day, The Lookouts, Pansy Division, The Donnas, Operation Ivy and Screeching Weasel.

Compared to the other albums it doesn’t go as hard but you have to think, these guys are probably pretty old so they might have hurt themselves if they put out another album like Love Songs for the Retarded.

Songs like, Sherly Needs a Dildo (my personal favorite), Bubblegum Girl, If I had a Girl like You, Leave That Girl Alone and Hong Fucking Kong all sound like classic Queers songs which was really good to hear. They haven’t dropped an album in a while so it was kinda a big surprise to see if they were going to stick to their style or if they were going to try something completely different just for fun.

The other songs were super good and not necessarily a different genre of music but they were kinda slow and cheesy I thought. Don’t get me wrong some of these songs were really good and catchy but they just felt kinda slow and flat to me.

A perfect example is the song My Hearts in the Right Place. It was a good song but it feels like the movie The Room, it is only like 2 minutes long but it feels like it is never going to end! It just goes on and on and it just boring to me; there are a few more songs on this album that have that feel.

The last kind of song that you can hear on this album are just super short fun songs that you physically can’t stop singing like Young Dumb and into Iron Maiden. The song is not good by any means but at a run time of 58 seconds, you just can’t skip it or not sing along.

That is what I really like about this band is that some of their stuff is really hard sound wise and maybe a little bit deep lyrically and sometimes the sound and the lyrics both suck but you still love the song. Honestly, I don’t think there is a Queers song I don’t like; they are not all my favorite but there are not any BAD songs.

One thing that this album does to really stick to those classic punk roots is that the run time of the whole record is a solid 31 minutes. Lots of punk songs were short and sweet but got their points across; go listen to the song Fuk Shit Up by the band Blatz, it barley hits the 2 minute mark but couldn’t have sent a bigger message…they were gonna fuk shit up!

Overall, I really liked this album and how it mixed some classic punk elements with some slower more calm styles of music. Not all the songs were my favorite but as I mentioned, you can’t hate a Queers song because they all have something special about them; I would give this album a 4/5.

Go check out The Queers on Spotify or any other places you listen to music. Highly recommend listening to their old stuff like Long Song for the Retarded and Pleasant Screams before this one just to get your toes wet before you dip your whole foot in.

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