Don’t Tell a Soul Review


Don’t Tell a Soul

Release Date: Jan. 15th 2021

Directed by: Alex McAulay

Screenplay: Alex McAulay

Let’s not sugar coat it….2020 was shit. I was only able to see one new movie last year….ONE DAMN MOVIE! Theaters shut down and the few movies that came out were like $20 to rent for a night on streaming sites I didn’t even have…not happening.

I can tell you 2021 is already going to be better because I watched my first new movie of the season and it slapped pretty hard.

Don’t Tell a Soul starts off with two brothers who end up getting chased by a cop after being caught stealing. The all run into the woods and the cop ends up falling down into an old well and the oldest brother says to just leave him and let him rot.

The story highlights how younger brother and main character, Joey, knows he needs help the man stuck in the well before his brother catches him and basically beats the living shit out of him.

The casting for this movie was pretty damn good! Both main characters, Rainn Wilson and Jack Dylan Grazer, did great jobs. Grazer is known for thriller and dramatic roles such as Eddie in both IT: Chapter 1 and IT: Chapter 2 but Rainn Wilson on the other hand in known for being…Dwight.

That was a little hard for me for the first half and hour of the movie because Wilson’s character, the cop stuck in a well, was so helpless and scared to be stuck in this well. We all know that Dwight would have been out of there in 5 minutes flat.

So seeing Wilson as someone other as Dwight was a little different at first but he did a great job and I hope to see him in more things like this.

There was some major twists in the plot which didn’t come til later in the movie but until that point, things were a little flat.

I don’t want to say slow or boring cuz I feel like those are too harsh, but it was just kinda the same thing as every other thriller; nothing super special.

I think the thing that did set it far from being boring/slow was that the movie wasn’t predictable. Even if the huge twist wasn’t there and it was just like a normal ending you wouldn’t have been able to figure it out; a plus in my book.

We are sadly not going to talk about the twist ending because where is the fun if you already know how it ends?

Overall, for a $5 rental on Amazon Prime this movie wasn’t too bad. I think as a whole it was written good but after about the first 45 minutes it was written FABULOUSLY! Both main actors did a great job and I think it was a great balance to have one of them more recognizable in dramatic acting like this movie and one be more recognized in comedy acting; I would end up giving it a 7.5/10.

Great way to kick off this year and I only pray for more movies to be coming out not only on streaming sites but in actual movie theaters!

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