Big Mouth Season 4 review

Big Mouth Season 4

The 'Big Mouth' Season 4 Trailer Is Here! – Nerds and Beyond

Release Date: Dec 4th 2020


2020 has been a wild ride so why wouldn’t there be another season of the crazy ass raunchy Netflix original show Big Mouth. If you are unfamiliar with Big Mouth, consider yourself lucky; Big Mouth is a cartoon that dives deep into the life of tweens and teenagers going through puberty.

It is actually a really great show I think but as I described it to my grandpa, it might be the raunchiest show out there and makes the movie Sausage Party look like a ray of freaking sunshine.

To play a little bit of catch up, last season ended with both lead characters, Nick (Nick Kroll) and Andrew (John Mulaney) getting in a huge fight leading them to not be friends anymore. Both boys are being sent to the same summer camp and that is where season 4 starts.

The whole season was really branded as a Meatball’s type summer camp movie but only the first three episode took place at camp. This really disappointed me because I really love camp shows and movies; I think they are funny and even though they all have the same story they are all special in their own way.

There were a ton of new characters added this season that were important to the overall season, but I think there was an equal amount of hits and misses when it came to adding these new important faces.


Mona is character Missy’s hormone monster and she is the first example of a miss. She was written to be the complete opposite of Missy’s sweet and innocent personality so she was super duper filthy. I am normally okay with that but she wasn’t funny which made that filth flop. And compared to the other two main hormone monsters, Maury and Connie, Mona is nothing! Maury and Connie are these two big personalities and Mona just doesn’t live up to those hormone monster expectations.

The Grad-a-toad

The Grad-a-toad was awesome and I loved him! He is there to help all the kids deal with their anxiety and find all the things in their lives that make them happy. He’s written like a country bumpkin, free spirited type and that was a super funny trait that helped this character not only make an impact on the plot but become likable.

Seth Goldberg

Seth Goldberg is Nick’s best friend from camp. I have mixed feelings about Seth, he is super funny and is a champ at bathroom humor… but I have seen this character before in EVERY SETH ROGAN MOVIE EVER… and guess who voiced Seth Goldberg?? I do like Rogans stories and acting, but in most of his stuff he plays the same person with a different name. So yes, I liked the character but at points it felt unoriginal and too familiar.

Michael Angelo

Michael Angelo is Jessie’s new boyfriend and he is the worst. He is an art snob and he is a total dick to Jessie. I hate him so much and he is the worst character that has even been in the show over the last 4 seasons!

Tito the Anxiety Mosquito

Tito was the biggest new character of the season and was pretty good. As can be told by her name, Tito represent the anxieties all the characters are feeling through the season. I think that making it a mosquito was a great idea because it was a good representation of anxiety being there in your ear all the time and you just want it to stop being annoying. Overall, Tito was pretty funny but there were a few moments where it felt like she was unneeded in certain situations but was there just to remind you that anxiety was the main issue being tackled in this season.

There were so many new characters this season that there was a lack of the iconic show character Couch Steve which I did not like. Couch Steve has a huge heart, hilarious character traits and is one of my favorite character so not having him in the season a lot was a total bummer. He had a few funny one liners but I really wanted more of him.

If you are familiar with this show, you are aware of the music of Big Mouth and how is sets this adult cartoon apart from others. Well this season the original music was not like any we have heard before; awful!

There were six new songs this season and only 2 of them are worth wild (Poop Madness and Whatcha Gonna Do). Lyric wise they were not all horrible but melody wise…ouch. To sum it up, none of them had catchy melodies and just didn’t sound right.

My final big critique is about Nick Star. Nick Star is the main character’s future self and he is the worst. He is a game show host and has just super a gross demeanor. In this season there is a whole episode set in the future with Nick Star and it is the worst episode of Big Mouth ever written. It was just so bad and I honestly don’t really know why other than the fact it was just stupid!

Trying to give this episode the benefit of the doubt, it did fit into the plot so it wasn’t just a weird random episode but if it wasn’t there, I don’t think the season would have been tampered with too much.

Overall, I enjoyed the season and the puberty issues that this season decided to take on. I did really miss the things that set Big Mouth apart from other shows like the iconic music and characters that this season lacked. The Nick Star episode was also just absolute trash but didn’t ruin the whole season; I would rate it probably a 3/5. Definitely better them some other seasons but also had some room for improvement.

Go check out Big Mouth on Netflix and keep your eye out for season 5…it is closer than we think!

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