Jack Stauber’s Opal: An Adult Swim Small


Jack Stauber's OPAL

By. Jack Stauber

Release date: Oct 30 2020

Jack Stauber has a huge imagination and has created some awesome, weird, and creepy stuff in the past. He did an Adult Swim segment called SHOP: A Pop Opera which was so big of a success, Adult Swim invited him to create something else.

The actual music and the graphics for SHOP: A Pop Opera is super fun and campy throughout so when Opal dropped I couldn’t have been the only one expecting something along these line: WRONG!

Opal is another musical adventure created by Stauber with the great same claymation, animation and other artful elements. But compared to his Pop Opera, Opal gets dark….fast!

Opal is about a little girl who is hypnotized by the scary house across the street and ends up inside facing the secrets that lurk in its shadows.

There isn’t too much to say about the plot without giving anything away other than the plot is really thorough. There are lots of little details that add layers to the story that just make everything a lot more enjoyable.

This is by no means something that was written in a day, there is just a lot of great detail throughout that makes it different from anything else Stauber has ever done.

Jack Stauber is known for his mixed art. In Opal, all the characters (other than the little girl) have these really fun claymation faces but have real bodies and hands. I really liked this because it brought the characters to life.

In this short in general, I think that his characters are so complex that without the human bodies/hands, it would have been flatlining and the characters would have been boring therefor making the WHOLE thing really dull.

Keeping is short and sweet, this was a really well done little skit done by Stauber. I liked that it was all the same things we like about his work but the storyline was something way darker and had a lot of new complexity to it.

You can go listen to the music of Opal on Spotify but to get the whole experience, go check out the whole Opal Adult Swim Small on Youtube!

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