Becky; The Horror Movie that Saved 2020



Release Date: June 5 2020

Directed by: Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion

Screenplay: Nick Morris and Ruckus Skye

Remember that episode of King of Queens where Kevin James breaks out of prison with his possy and tries to kill a little girl and her family? Not a real episode…but sounds pretty badass doesn’t it? This is the exact plot of the 2020 horror thriller Becky.

Becky is about a girl (whose name happens to be Becky) whose family has been taken hostage by Kevin James and his gang. Becky gets lucky and isn’t in the house when her family gets tied up; it is her task to save who she can.

The plot of this movie sounds cool and normal but just the idea of the mall cop himself Kevin James being the main bad guy was kinda a turn off for me at first. He is a funny guy, who would ever cast him in a roll like this?

A GENIUS THAT’S WHO! Out of fill honesty, this was one of James’s coolest rolls. He was big and scary and creepy! It was really a performance of a lifetime for him so Oscars….take some notes!

Not only did James put on a great performance but so did little 13-year-old Becky, Lulu Wilson. Wilson brings everything to the table while playing this character. Just like James, she is scary and creepy…just smaller.

There was a lot of blood and gross stuff in this movie and it was all done really good. I like movies with a lot of effects and gore so my standards are always very high for those things. Sometimes blood and fire are done super poorly in both movies and TV shows (God bless but Brooklyn 99 I’m talking to you) so when you have a LOT of it I expect it to be done good; Becky delivered.

The plot of the whole movie was beyond great too! The basic outline was kinda simple but there were lots of cool twists on those classic horror aspects.

I feel like the last three or four horror movies I have watched are trying to go completely out of the box which is great…if those movies ended up being good! Sometimes it is just as good to take something you know and make it your own and that is what screenwriters Nick Morris and Ruckus Skye did.

Small side note, Ruckus Skye might be the coolest name ever.

I really thought that this movie was going to be a flop because of its cast but after watching it I have nothing but praise. The whole cast kicked ass, the plot was kinda perfect and the blood and gore…oh don’t get me started on the blood and gore! I would give this movie a 9/10. I have been watching a lot of horror over the last two months and they had all disappointed me so I really respect the creators and how hard they worked to make some actual good content!

As you may have noticed, this is my first movie reviews since August and some stuff has changed. It is just some simple formating stuff that I had to change when the website decided to change their format and screw up my whole system! It is all good but I wanted to insure you all that you were not going crazy and that some headings may appear bigger than they once were!

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