Nov 2020 Newsletter

The Anything and Everything Monthly Newsletter

My neck of the woods

Hello fellow readers. Things are looking a little better for me at college. Things still suck majorly without in person classes, parties and basically any sort of fun but I have managed to make about three friends and have not murdered my roommate yet so I guess that is a plus. I have been writing a lot for my schools newspaper and I have also been training to be a nighttime DJ for the schools student run radio station.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween; I know I did! My blog competition/best friend, Nancy With A Z, and I dressed up as beloved SNL characters Stefon and Seth Meyers. We wrote and performed our own skit and I attached that video right below so please go check it out! Enough about my weird ass life, let’s get into the monthly gossip and updates for November.

What did I listened to this past month that you need to listen to?

  • Test Pattern, Self Titled, record
  • Talking Heads, Talking Heads 77′, record
  • Blondie, Pollinator, record
  • Tears Dry on Their Own, Amy Winehouse
  • Weezer, Pinkerton, record
  • The Queers, Love Songs for the Retarded, record
  • Catalina Breeze, The Blue Jean Committee
  • What if I, Out of Sight Out of Mind

What did I watch this past month that you should be watching

  • Documentary Now
  • Brooklyn 99
  • Intervention (because it is absolutely hilarious)
  • Hunting JonBenet’s Killer: The Untold Story
  • Cults and Extra Beliefs
  • Bad Teacher
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Hubie Halloween
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • IT Chapter 2 for probably the 600th time

Books that I read over the past month that you should be reading

  • Is this Guy for Real? The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman comic book, Box Brown
  • Persepolis book 1 and 2, Marjane Satrapi
  • The World of IT
  • The Journalism AP style guide 55th edition

Release rader

AC/DC Power Up Nov 13th
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard K.GNov 20th
The Smashing PumpkinsCyrNov 27th

Monthly Movie Quote

Every month I will give out a movie quote to see if YOU guys are up to date on your movies! Answers will come out in the next newsletter!

Answer from last month: Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

“Muhammad is the most commonly used name on earth! Read a f***ing book once in a while!”

Something you want to hear? Leave a comment for what you think I should add to the newsletter, music/movies you want to check out or even just to say hi! Make sure you are also subscribed so you will get an email every time I post and go like the new Facebook page as well! Til next month!

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