NSP’s The Prophecy album review

The Prophecy

The Prophecy | Ninja Sex Party

Ninja Sex Party

Release Date: October 16th 2020

Boy, we have a lot to talk about with this one. Lets just dive right in.

Every Ninja Sex Party fan awaited this album because one simple thing; The Mystic Crystal. The Mystic Crystal is the first track on this record and was the first single release last year some time. But the reason that this was such a big deal because The Mystic Crystal is in the same style as one of the greatest and well known songs from NSP, 6969 (based off the formatting of Rush’s 2112); both songs are basically 10 minute song stories.

Passing 6969 with an 11 minute runtime, The Mystic Crystal is actually pretty damn good. I think the story is there, which is Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian saving the princess from the inside of The Mystic Crystal, but it doesn’t even come close to 6969.

I think that 6969 has a better story and better lyrics and is just a classic whereas Mystical Crystal has a better sound to it. The only thing I didn’t like about The Mystic Crystal was that the transitions were really weird. Throughout the song/story, there are different movements and the transitions from movement to movement were kinda chunky and just….not good.

The rest of the this album had hits and misses throughout. The biggest turn off for me was that none of the other songs really fit the theme of the album. If you go and take a look at their last album, Cool Patrol, there are songs like Courtship of the Mermaid and Release the Kraken that have that medieval vibe that the band was going for with this album that would have been great on this record.

The only other song off this record that kinda follows that theme is The Wishing Bear which isn’t even a song, it is a talking track. All I am trying to say I guess is that if your gonna have a themed album, go all in or don’t go at all.

A track that I thought was very well done and well thought out was The Decision Part 2. The Decision was on the first NSP album, NSFW. The whole song was about the band trying to help a girl decide which one she would be going home with at the end of the night. The Decision Part 2 is the band visiting the same girl with the same objective but they sing about all the stuff they have done over the last 10 years and it is kinda like a history of Ninja Sex Party. They bring up all there songs, albums, and the crazy adventures that have had and I thought it was just super fun!

There were two other normal lengthed songs on this record that I liked as a whole and those were I Don’t Know What We’re Talking About (And I Haven’t For a While) and Wondering Tonight.

Both songs had awesome lyrics and great sound. Although the band is all fun and games, Danny does really have an amazing voice that I just love and both these songs showcased it.

I also love that both songs are very subtle with how inappropriate they are. There were so many times where I was listening and was like, “Ah this is actually kinda sweet” and then Danny brings up his penis and the idea that Brian had an STD…y’know normal NSP stuff.

This album does get points for all the lyrics being absolutely hilarious. The songs on here that I don’t like still made me laugh my ass off so I guess that counts for something, but they are just not good songs I want to listen to.

I think that this album could have been a lot better, but on the plus side I guess it also could have been worse. I really would have wished that the prophecy/medieval theme would have been more consistent throughout the album and there were only like 3 songs that I really really liked. The lyrics were funny and enjoyable to listen to but not more than once; I would give this record a 2.75/5. I guess I just wanted more is all.

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