Skeleton Twins Review

Skeleton Twins

Release Date: Jan 18th 2014

Directed by: Craig Johnson

Screenplay: Craig Johnson and Mark Heyman

For everyone here who doesn’t know me personally…. I LOVE BILL HADER! He is one of my favorite actors/comedians and he is funny and handsome and just my favorite!!! Well I have seen pretty much every damn movie he has been in EXCEPT for this one; better now than never I guess!!

After an attempted suicide, twins Milo (Bill Hader) and Maggie (Kristen Wiig) are brought back together after 10 years of not speaking. It is a journey of Milo and Maggie working through their flaws not as individuals anymore but as reunited siblings.

The first half and hour was very hard to get into not gonna lie; everything was very important to the overall plot but it was a little slow. The storyline is very depressing and I think because they casted 2 fantastic COMEDIANS, you were just waiting for something absolutely hilarious to happen and it just didn’t.

Eventually a good amount of comedy started to form in the plot but it was a very dark sense of humor that was trying to coving up the serious task at hand. I did laugh though at certain things that Milo was doing or that Maggie said; I think when you have a movie like this were it is dealing with some serious emotions, the lights of comedy really push the film to the next level.

Although I could talk about Bill Hader FOREVER, Kristen Wiig needs credit for the roll she played as Maggie; holy shit.

If you are familiar with Wiig’s personality and her rolls on SNL, you know what a comedy queen she really is but this was a roll that didn’t even come close to that. Milo was the character who was given the comic relief roll so Hader played that like any other roll but Maggie was the opposite and really fed off of Milo’s humor. By herself, Maggie’s character didn’t have glimpse of emotion and Wiig played that off SO FREAKING WELL!! It was a roll that no other comedian could have pulled off.

Both main characters really showed growth throughout the film as well which is also something nice to see.

At the start in a flashback, both characters are these wide eyed, imaginative and hopeful little kids.

When the movie really starts we have Milo: A gay man dealing with depression, heartbreak and the feeling of not accomplishing his goals as an actor.

Then we have Maggie: A depressed married woman who is too afraid to admit she doesn’t want kids and shoves her feelings into oddball community classes like scuba diving and knitting.

By the end of the film (without giving anything away), both siblings understand that due to the death of their father, they are in the same mind set and have been struggling with the same things for the 10 years they were apart; they grow to realize they needed each other to get the help they needed.

There are other part of the film such as Maggie’s marriage and Milo’s relationship with his out of the ordinary ex lover that really add that extra texture to the story. Both these this started off as the characters own problem but eventually turned into both their problems.

When I first saw this, I thought it was good. I didn’t think it was amazing but I enjoyed it; the next day it was all I had on my mind. I was thinking about the story, the characters and the sibling bond that was recreated throughout the film and it was something that really just stuck with me and made me like the movie more than I did when I actually watched it.

Although it was very depressing and a little slow at some points, I thought this movie was very very well written. The way Milo and Maggie’s characters build up separately and together was brilliant, the storyline itself was very good and there were even certain lines in the movie that gave me CHILLS!

Overall, this movie was not my classic type of movie filled with comedy, stupid plots and predictable love lines but it had so many factors that made it a really good and developed movie. I would give this movie a 3.5/5

I think the acting was very good especially looking at the type of movies Hader and Wiig specialize in, the storyline was so so good and the characters actually developed! Yes most movies have some sort of development, that is how a story works, but there was something about this one that set it apart from others with the way each sibling grew by themselves but also together.

The negatives where that I did think at some points it was a little boring and just slow moving. I wish there was something that would have helped push these parts along.

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