Neon Trees, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me review

I Can Feel You Forgetting Me

Album Review: Neon Trees – I Can Feel You Forgetting Me – Drew's ...

By. Neon Trees

Release date: July 24th, 2020

Neon Trees is a cheesy band I hold extremely close to my heart. I remember my mom and I would watch their music video for Everybody Talks damn near every morning on VH1. I would have the song stuck in my head all day at school; thinging about that video full of drive-through movies and zombies.
I really got into them in the 7th grade and just listening to their songs now brings me back to the middle school lunchroom where I would blast their music through my headphones. They were the first band that was kinda my discovery and was not really influenced by my parents. I felt very grown-up listening to them and having a new type of music to show my friends and family.
Their last album, Pop Psychology, was one of the 13 gifts I got on my 13th birthday and it changed my life; that was damn near 6 years ago so this new album I Can Feel You Forgetting Me was long-awaited…but did it fit the hype?
Right off the bat here, I do like the album art; it is simple but not something you would expect from kinda this bubble gum rockish band.
I think it really shows a new page for the Neon Trees because their last two albums had fun covers to match the certain playful themes (Pop Psychology being futuristic love and Picture Show being 50s trends such as drive-in movies and freak shows) and this one has a spooky cover to match the new ghostly sound of this album.
I do think that this album followed a theme; if I had to name it, it would be something along the lines of a ghostly breakup and the haunting of lovers past. But I think that it followed that theme and didn’t even try to color just a little outside the box of it.
There opening song ( Nights) and the last song (New Best Friend) are the two best songs on the album. They are the spectrum for this album though; Nights is a certain sound on this end, New Best Friend is a certain sound on that end which leaves all the other songs to sound a little different but to live inside this musical spectrum.
I felt like this album, musically, just fell really flat man! I am not saying the music is horrible but they have a lot more to prove that we have heard in past albums. This album was once again kinda this haunting after love story and I dug that, but the sounds where all really close to the same, and I wanted differences throughout the album.
Although I had a good list for improvement, there was one thing I did really like about this record and they were the lyrics.
The sound might have been consistent and one noted throughout but there were some lyrics that just felt so real. I mentioned I really did like the song Nights and the lyrics go as followed:

Cause all these tears and songs about you
Won’t bring back the best days of our lives
I can get by the days just fine
But the nights

I just love that! I think they are just pure and real; there is no mask covering up lead singer Tyler Glenn’s emotions! I won’t just sit here and list lyrics for you but this album, lyrically, is so raw! If this was a book of poems it would have been a best seller period!
The story being told about heartbreak and honestly through the whole album really did save it from being a complete disaster; there are not too many good SONG writers out there so to have lyrics like this is really special I think.
Overall, I think that this album had two good songs but otherwise fell really flat musically. All the songs followed the album theme too harshly wherein other albums there is a general theme with a little bit of rule-breaking to change it up. On the plus, the lyrics were absolutely gorgeous and told of true, uncut heartbreak and the aftermath of it.
When it comes down to it, I would give this album a 2.5-5 do to the fact that sound-wise, it was very one-noted but I did continue to find myself getting lost in the words being spoken in the record leading me to forget about the flatlining sounds.

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