What’s in my bag!

Hello fellow people of my crappy blog! With this whole quarantine and things happening I have a lot of time to watch movies, read books listen to records and write….well inside I have just been practicing Rocky Horror makeup styles and lip syncing in my mirror… I know I know very productive and important shit. Well I am finally sitting down to do something kinda fun I have really been wanting to do! If you are familiar with the record store Amoeba, you might be familiar with their youtube segment called, “What’s in my bag”. They bring in a band or famous person, give them a bag and let them shop. When they are done shopping they explain what is in their bag and why they picked it out. So I thought since I have nowhere to physically go and do this I would do it at my home! For this instalment, I am going to have only music related things in my bag due to the fact that I am turning this review in for points in my band class so it has to be music related! Lets jump in and see what is in my bag!

Just Kids, Patti Smith

This book is one of the most well known music books out there and it is an absolute piece of art. The book follows Patti Smith and best friend Robert Mapplethorpe finding themselves and living life alone in New York City. If you have ever listened to Smith’s music it is clear she has a way with words. When it comes to her writing it is like reading her voice; all you can hear is Smith. I think the amazing thing about not just this book but all her other books is that if you set down a paragraph in front of me without telling me who the author was I would be able to tell. She has such a distinctive writing voice that really brings her ideas to life! Out of all three of her novels this one is by far the best and should be read by everyone; music lover or not.

Purple Rain, Prince

So this is obviously a cassette as you can see from the photo. I love cassette tapes but I like physically refuse to pay more than like a quarter for them; sometimes that even too much. Well my grandpa got a big case of cassettes for only like a dollar and most of them were movie soundtracks but I saw Purple Rain and I almost cried. Having Purple Rain on cassette is very cool for me because A) I am a Minnesotan who loves Prince and B) somehow vinyls made a come back but cassettes haven’t (YET) so being able to say as an 18 year old living in the year 2020 I have a Prince Cassette tape is pretty awesome!

The Red Album, Weezer

This is by far, one of the worst Weezer albums ever written. Like, Pork and Bean and Miss Sweeney slap but every other song is just so so so so SO awful!! Everybody get Dangerous deadass sounds like a hype montage song from a 2002 movie about Soccer that got like a 12% on Rotten Tomatoes! AND THE LEAD SINGER (River Cuomo) HAS THE GROSSEST STEP DAD LOOKIN’ MUSTACHE ON THE COVER AND THAT IS JUST NOT OKAY! This is just a God awful record. BUT the reason that I put it in my bag was because I was at a record store one day digging through buckets of CD’s and I saw this one and noticed that there was a signature on it; so for $2 I bought it. I found out through friends and internet research that it is actually the signature of Brian Bell who is the lead guitarist of Weezer. Fun story for an awful CD.

Escape, Journey

Not too much of a story on this one but this was the first record I ever bought. I saw it at a garage sale for a buck and I saw Don’t Stop Believing, threw my dollar at the lady and ran home only to realize I didn’t have a record player. About a year later I got my first record player for my birthday and I only had this record, Green Day’s Revolution Radio and 2 Green Day 45s so those records were all I listened to for like a month straight.

Go To School, The Lemon Twigs

I recently just ordered this off of Amazon and it is one of the greatest records ever hands down! It is like a rock musical about a monkey who goes to school and lives through all this awkward school stuff and is just brilliant!!! The vocals, guitar and drums are just these amazing things on their own and once brought together on this record shouldn’t even be legal!

How to Ruin a Record Label, Larry Livermore

When I was little I was a big big reader and then I kinda stopped and started to find my music and my movies and stuff but I remember this book came out and it was all I wanted. Larry Livermore was the founder of Lookout Records who signed lots of kick ass punk bands like The Queers, Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, Pansy Division, Blatz, Pinhead Gunpowder and so much more! This book helped me find a lot of these bands that I have never heard of that are now some of my favorites. This book was not only a story about the record label itself but about life as a punk in Oakland. After I read this book I started really looking for other books about music and I was borrowing a ton from my friend Mike and fell back in love with reading so that is kinda why this book is so special to me.

Dookie, Green Day

Finally a Green Day record!!! I know you guys were all waiting for it! Green Day is my favorite band and this is my favorite record. Although I don’t listen to them as much as I used to, I still freak out when they come on the radio or have a new album but whenever I am sad or need a pick me up this record goes on the turntable and turns everything around. Without Green Day I wouldn’t care about music as much as I do. Music is something that runs through my veins and has since I was little but without Green Day or this record I know I wouldn’t respect and live for music that way I do.

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