The Lemon Twigs New Single Review; The One

The One This video by The Lemon Twigs is The One Campaign Video You Want ...

Artist: The Lemon Twigs

Release Date: March 2nd 2020




I am here writing tonight to clear my mind and try to focus on the positives. A few weeks ago I ordered tickets for The Lemon Twigs concert for me and my beloved best friend Nancy with a Z. The world is such a crazy place right now and with school being shut down, my band trip to Ireland and prom getting canceled and worst of all just not having a final senior band concert, this show was the light at the end of the tunnel for me; it was not till early/mid June and everything should be better by then right… WRONG!! Today they not only announced that the tour is postponed but the release of the album, Songs for the General Public was also moved to AUGUST!!! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO COME OUT IN MAY AND I WAS SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! Image may contain: text

But I am very blessed with mine and my family’s health and that both my parents are still working in this crazy time; I know there are worse things than a show being postponed or an album being pushed back.

I am still a little upset but my mom always told me people don’t like a person who is always bitching and never looks at the bright side. So let’s put this all aside, let’s forget about what is happening outside for a few minutes and jump into a dimension of music. 


I was listening to this song on repeat for the last 2 weeks and was just like “I wanna review it so so so so bad because it is so so so good”  but I knew that I should probably wait until the album actually came out to give my praise but since it has been moved back and said, “Like hell am I waiting till Aug to talk about something amazing.” 

The One is their new single that will be making an appearance on their upcoming album, Songs For the General Public which is planned to come out on August 21st 2020.

If you are a regular on this blog, YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I WORSHIP THIS BAND! It is made up of two brothers, Brian (23) and Michael (21) who have had a passion for music their whole lives. Personally I don’t know them, but I want to because they just seem like the nicest, coolest people in the whole world who really respect their work and have fun with it. 

The One has these really fun and campy verses and a flowing chorus that pulls me in every….damn…time! It is a bop from the second you turn it on; there is no rise or fall but this consistent level of upbeat sound! 

The boys take turns singing on their albums and they both have these really original types of voices you just don’t hear anymore. The One is sung by Brian and if you close your eyes his voice just takes you to a different planet.

As the song goes on, at the 3 time round the chorus, his voice goes up on the words, “But they will never be the one”. This is something I like to hear in all my music; I love when the artist will take the last chores or the last two to change up the notes to something different from the rest of the song to add the extra level to not only the sound but the story trying to be told. 

The guitar in this song is also just unbelievable. The solo bridge is composed so well and fits! Sometimes in songs, even though it is cool, guitar solos don’t need to happen!! It fit in really nice here and wasn’t to long either! 

The video for this song is also really awesome and I bet you I have watched it over 150 times. The energy in this video (and I guess kinda in all their videos) just transports you to the real Lemon Twigs experience. As someone who has seen them live, I deadass don’t think Michaell stopped moving ONCE throughout the whole 3 hour set and it was mesmerizing!!

They both move that way in this video and it really brought me back to being there and I don’t really feel that from watching any other music videos of bands I have seen live; I feel like I am right there standing at First Ave every single time I see their videos. 

Overall, fantastic song and I have zero ZERO complaints. I do not throw these lightly but this single is a 5/5 no doubt. Once again with all this crazy stuff going on, Brian’s voice makes me feel like I am in another dimension where I can just dance all day and not think about anything else. 

Go out and try to support your local artists and keep on washing your hands!!! 

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