Something new

As all of you can tell, I have not Image result for 101 artists you should listen to before you die"been keeping track on my 52 week challenge with my movies and we are already in February so I wanted to try something a little different. Last Christmas I got this book called 101 Artists you Should Listen to Before you Die by. Ricardo Cavolo. This book is really unique and cool because he is here to just talk about all these different musicians that he has discovered over his years and why he likes them so much dedicating 1 page to each artist. He illustrates the artists in a really fun and phycadellic way and it is just a cool ass book. So what I am going to do is review all the artists that he has in his book. I listen to a crap ton of music and it is easier for me to put on while I work on stuff opposed to sitting down and watching a new movie every week. I hope this is something you guys enjoy and the first artist post should be out soon! 

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